How can I deal with Arabic grammar

The plural

In Arabic there are two different ways to form the plural of a noun: the healthy and the broken plural.

Most nouns form either the healthy ones or the broken plural, a few have either a healthy one as well as a broken plural.

The first form of the plural is the outer, so-called "healthy" plural. Unfortunately, this occurs in the much smaller part of the Arabic nouns. We say “unfortunately” because it is formed in a similar way to German or English: A plural ending is added to the singular of the noun. (For example, think of “the street - the streetn"," The street - the streets“).

The second form of the plural is the inner, so-called “broken” plural. It occurs much more frequently than the healthy plural. It is characteristic of him that there are changes in the phonetic and written image inside the word, so that often no immediately apparent connection between singular and plural is recognizable for people who are learning Arabic. What we are going to show you in this grammar is not so much the patterns according to which this rather complicated system of plural formation works. On the other hand, we explain to you how, as a beginner in Arabic, you can easily get around this system and still learn and use Arabic successfully.

Regarding the question of which plural a noun has, there are unfortunately no reliable rules. If you learn a word in the singular, you should also learn its plural form if possible. This is especially true for the broken plural.

In Arabic dictionaries you will usually find the plural as well as the singular of a word. If you have a vocabulary at hand in which the plural are given for most of the words, but these are missing in others, this is a sign that the plural formation in the latter is regularly carried out according to the healthy plural.

Analogous to the plural formation of the nouns, that of the adjectives and participles also runs. However, we will only deal with the plural of nouns here so as not to run the risk of losing track of things.

Now read everything you need to know about the healthy plural.