Is there a way to speed up evolution?

Human evolution is accelerating ...

Creed of an Evolutionist!

- I believe in the power of chance, in something for which there is no cause, no connection
and no regularity is recognizable.
- I believe in the power of mutation, in that contrary to the knowledge of genetics
and the Mendelian laws with their help new biological species arise
- I believe in the power of selection, i.e. that selection is not just about
reads out existing characteristics, but really creates new characteristics
I believe that the interplay between chance, mutation and selection is those
Represents the optimization process through which the building blocks are made up of inorganic molecules
of life to have evolved into a viable cell, and that same process
is also responsible for the development from the primordial cell to today's human.
- I believe that neither in the genesis of life nor in the genesis of
People an intelligence has worked and is working
- I believe in miracles, namely that the Big Bang, i.e. an explosion,
high order, that by chance life from inanimate matter and through
Coincidence the genetic code and the laws of nature came about!
- I believe in evolution, although it doesn't have three major development gaps
can close - the gap between nothing and matter, the gap between
dead matter and life and the gap between animals and humans.
- I am aware that the fossils show stable, fully developed forms and
there are no transitions between the species, which should actually exist in abundance.
I confess that this could give the impression that there are none
Evolution has taken place.
- I am aware that evolution cannot answer the question about
the “why” and “why” of the existence of love, peace, inner freedom, patience
and morals.
- I believe that the human optimization process is not over yet
and that everything has to be switched off that hinders this optimization process.
this also includes the Christian faith and the belief in a creator God.