Helps essential rosemary oil with concentration

Fragrances while studying

Selection of individual fragrances and their special effects

There are more than 300 different essential oils worldwide. Not all scents are helpful in learning. The have particularly proven themselves Scents of lemon, grapefruit and lavender. In addition, tangerine, bergamot, and rosemary are beneficial for timpani. The scents can be used individually or mixed together while learning. Each fragrance has a different effect:

Lemon Oil: The scent of lemons increases concentration and provides energy. It is particularly suitable for analytical tasks and for writing. Studies from the United States show that spelling errors can be cut in half when the scent of lemons is in the air.

Grapefruit oil: The scent of grapefruit also promotes concentration. In addition it stimulates and lifts the mood. Those who sit lazily at their homework will particularly benefit from this fragrance.

Lavender oil: Lavender has a flavor calming and mood-enhancing effect. If you cannot sit still while studying, if you are nervous or if you are afraid of exams, the scent of lavender helps to relieve the existing tension.

Bergamot oil: The scent of bergamot relaxes the nerves, relieves fears and gives you confidence in your own performance. Due to its active profile, bergamot scent is particularly useful during exam preparation.

Mandarin Oil: The scent of mandarin increases Motivation in learning and helps to overcome feelings of overwhelm.

Rosemary oil: Rosemary aroma boosts concentration, combats listlessness and helps memorize.

Instructions: How to use scents properly while studying

Essential oils are highly concentrated essences that are either chemically synthesized or made from plants. If you want to use fragrances while drumming, you should use purely vegetable fragrance oils. You let yourself be drawn to the specification "100 percent pure essential oil" detect. These scented oils are more expensive, but free of synthetic additives. Therefore, the risk of irritation and allergies is lower. Just a few drops are enough to achieve the desired effect.

You can use the essential oil of your choice in a so-called diffuser, in a fragrance lamp, a bowl of water, on a piece of cloth or diluted directly on the skin. Because such scented oils evaporate easily, the scent rises quickly into your nose. Don't leave the fragrance lamp or diffuser running all day. It is enough if the scent while learning increases once an hour.

With the daily permanent scenting, the longed-for effect does not occur, even headaches can set in. Do not use fragrances too late in the evening while studying. Because many of the aromas are stimulating, they may prevent you from falling asleep. If you also want to use the effect for exams, take a scented handkerchief with you to the exam and sniff it occasionally.


With the right scent you feel yourself more motivated, learns more focused and can even perform better at university achieve. So it doesn't hurt to include this scent hack in your learning repertoire and to use it from time to time.

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