Does affirmation really work to change life?

22 affirmations that will change your life and why they work

Imagine you could program yourself exactly what you want and how you would like to be.

That sounds like a video game in which you activate certain cheats, don't you agree?

But it's more real than you think. It is actually possible to program yourself to do certain things over the long term.

This is exactly what has happened to you all your life. Everything you do, what you have and who you are can be traced back to programming.

Your subconscious was programmed from an early age by your parents, your teachers, your environment and your experiences.

The sum of all these things in your subconscious is called a paradigm. It is your attitude. You have been hired in a certain way, which means that you behave in a certain way and get certain results.

Change the paradigm

So it's very simple. If you want different results in your life, all you have to do is reprogram your subconscious. You have to adapt the paradigm there accordingly.

But first we have to understand how the subconscious works. (You can find out in detail how your programming took place and what is behind it in my book)

Unlike your conscious mind, i.e. your rational mind, your subconscious cannot reject any idea. The subconscious mind accepts every idea that is given to it.

So our consciousness is the guardian. The problem is, most people aren't even aware of it. So if all the ideas and programming have come into our subconscious that do not lead you to your goals, then we simply have to replace them with the right ones.

If we repeat ideas often enough, the subconscious has to accept them. It has no way of distinguishing whether something is just made up or actually true.

This is the key to success. All this programming is buzzing unconsciously through your head the whole day. With every action and every decision.

In order to replace the old beliefs and programming, the new ideas simply have to be brought into the subconscious more often than the old ones.

One key to this is affirmations. Sentences that express what and who you want to be. Say it to you in front of the mirror every morning and evening right after or before you get up and you will not be able to believe where you will be in a year.

Sounds crazy? It is! Crazy results require crazy actions ;-)

You will probably feel ridiculous at first, but the feeling will go away.

This is how Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, felt. He was taught by the richest man in the world and found this routine in all of his interviews. He interviewed and studied the 500 most successful people in the world.

Autosuggestion, or affirmations, was one of the fundamental essence of all of his conversations. Do you need more arguments to do it?

I can only tell you from my own experience. It doesn't make a difference for the first few months, but every single day counts. So far everything has become a reality or is in the process of being created.

It is really crazy! Often times, you won't even realize that certain things have already happened. Lately I have been experiencing more and more moments in which I realize that I have affirmed the current situation.

I ask you to try it out. Really think about who and what you want to be and then write it down.

Tip: Start with "I am so happy and grateful that ..."
Say it in the present as if it has already become a reality.
We will be what we think!

What are the two most powerful words in the world?
"I am…"

To support you in this, I have the 22 best affirmations for you that I could find: (I use some of them very successfully myself)

Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better.

I am enough.

I can achieve anything in my life that I want.

I'm loved.

I wake up full of energy every morning.

I offer added value to others.

I have a healthy and strong body.

I overcome fears by following my dreams.

I have the power to change things.

I attract the right people and circumstances into my life for more joy and happiness.

I have happy and loving relationships.

I am healthy, fit and vital.

I deserve the best and I accept it now.

I receive all the success that comes with open arms.

I make positive choices for my life.

With every day good and uplifting things flow into my life.

I attract like-minded people and surround myself with positive and happy people.

Money comes to me in increasing amounts, through multiple sources, on an ongoing basis.

I deserve to receive all the good things I want.

What I do makes me infinitely grateful and fulfilling.

I am a magnet for money and success.

I am whole, perfect, strong, loving, harmonious, powerful, happy.


Here is some inspiration for you ;-)

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