When did Rajesh Khanna die

Bollywood star Rajesh Khanna is dead

At the age of 69, the "first superstar" of the Indian film industry died in Mumbai after a long illness. Fans all over India mourn the deceased actor in front of the house and on the Internet.

Bollywood star RajeshKhanna passed away on Wednesday at the age of 69 after a long illness at his home in Mumbai. The actor was considered "the first superstar" of the Indian film industry in Bombay. The Press Trust of India reports that Khanna was only released from the hospital this week. It is not known which illness the Bollywood star suffered from.

The actor was mostly loved by women for his role as "Indian Lover". "Kaka," the fan-given nickname, has won a number of awards and recently premiered in its first TV commercial. Although Khanna did not come from an acting dynasty, like most of the big names in Bollywood, he is one of the greatest stars. In total, the 69-year-old starred in over 150 Hindi films.

As reported by the BBC, many supporters of the popular actor are said to mourn in front of the deceased's house. Fans and colleagues alike pay tribute to the legend via the online service Twitter. Phrases from the best films by "Kaka" can be seen on accounts of Indian users. "He was a superstar like no other," tweeted fellow actress Shabana Azmi.

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