Which is the most popular operating system

Operating systems

A computer not only includes hardware such as mainboard, sound card and RAM, but also software. First of all, the operating system should be mentioned here, because without it any further program would not run at all.

Which operating system is the right one in each individual case also depends on the computer: An Apple Mac requires Mac OS X, while Microsoft Windows is more likely to be installed on a Windows PC. Another option is Linux. This is a free operating system with no license fees or mandatory registrations and is being developed by programmers from all over the world.

Windows: Most common

Not much needs to be written about Windows here, after all, it is the most widely used operating system for PCs. Everyone will have come across Windows at some point. According to many versions, the current one is called Windows 10.

The tile screen of Windows 8 has been replaced by a full-fledged start menu. Nevertheless, in addition to the familiar desktop view, Windows 10 offers a tablet mode that is designed for use with touchscreens. It combines the familiar features from Windows 7 with the customization options from Windows 8. Other innovations include a new look, Cortana voice control and the new Microsoft Edge browser, which supports the well-known Internet Explorer.

Although out of date, Windows 7 is still installed on many computers. If you use Windows as the operating system, you have the advantage that accessory devices are practically compatible. For this, Windows systems are preferred targets for Trojans, viruses and other attacks from the Internet.

If you want to purchase a Windows license, you can quickly get confused because of the many different names. An example: FPP (Full Packaged Product) is a product with packaging and a full range of accessories. These retail versions are the most expensive, but they also have the most content and are especially useful for newbies.

If you already know your way around and want to save a little money, you can use the system builder version (SB). Compared to the standard retail version, this does not contain Microsoft support and you have to deal in advance with whether it should be a 32-bit or a 64-bit version (FPP has both). The cheapest option is the OEM version of Windows. Here only a data carrier is delivered, manuals and other things are completely missing.

Linux: Also suitable for non-experts

Linux has been a niche market for a long time. It still has that reputation, but a lot has happened. The retail versions in particular are also suitable for beginners, as they sometimes contain comprehensive accompanying texts such as a comprehensive manual that guides the user through installation and operation.
It may seem strange and complicated at first, but Linux offers extensive customization options. No other software for operating a PC can be adapted in this way. It starts with the various desktop interfaces.

In terms of malware, Linux variants are the most secure operating systems compared to Windows and macOS, which is not least due to the low market share. Linux is basically free, but there are also some for sale. As mentioned, extras such as manuals are included. In any case, Linux is priced well below Windows licenses.

For Apple PCs only: macOS

Since macOS was specially developed for Apple computers, software and hardware harmonize perfectly with each other. This leads to fewer crashes and generally fast performance. Above all, users praise the intuitive operation. In addition, the system is considered to be less susceptible to viruses and Trojans than is the case with Windows operating systems.