Are the languages ​​of Bajjika Maithili the same

Languages ​​in Nepal (Nepali for tourists)

The official language in Nepal is Nepali.

However, as the second official language, English is very widespread and is understood and spoken almost everywhere. This usually does not apply to smaller, remote villages.

Many ethnic groups in Nepal speak their own languages ​​in addition to Nepali and English, such as Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, Newari, Bajjika.

Interestingly, the most beautiful, purest and most accent-free Nepali is not spoken in Nepal, but in India (Darjeeling). This is largely due to the fact that over a million Nepali emigrated to India and Bhutan.

Useful vocabulary in Nepali

Nepali is an extremely difficult language and yet there are a few idioms in Nepali that any tourist can quickly learn and use. This not only helps with communication while traveling, but also shows the interest in the culture and the people in Nepal.

Good day / goodbyeNamaste
What's your name?Tapaaiko naam ke ho?
My name is…Mero naam ... ho
Where is the / that ...?Koiha chha
Which way to XYZ…?XYZ jaane baato kun ho?
How much is it?Kati ho?
The Bill please!Bill dinus
I stay ... days... din basne
What's this?Jo ke ho?
I'm sickMa biraami chu
Do you have a room?Kotha Tschha?
Is there a toilet?Toilet / Tscharpi Tschha?
yes / is / there isho / chha
no / it is not / there is nothoina / chhaina
Medicine / pharmacyaussadhi pasal

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