Why do UAE students find school boring?

Skip school

School skip at a glance

  • As long as you underage and have not yet attended school for nine years, the statutory one applies Compulsory schooling
  • Blaumaching is punished differently depending on the frequency and length
  • detention, expulsion from school or a fine are possible
  • Self adult students can be expelled from school

Even a single skipping has consequences

The Punish for making the lessons blue depend on how long and often you have been absent and in which state you live. If you've just skipped a single lesson, it won't have any bad consequences. In any case, you have to expect that the school will inform your parents and ask why you were absent. After all, it may still be the case that you just forgot to make an apology. However, if it turns out that there is no relevant reason, the school can ask you to make up for the missed lessons: So you have to detain!

Even if you only have a few hours without it sorry have been missing, you should remember that these missed hours are on your report card. You should avoid that, especially when it comes to an application certificate. Because even the infrequent truancy is not well received by employers.

When you're dying in town picked up by the police she will take you to your parents in the police car. This may not be a terrible punishment, but it will be embarrassing when neighbors or classmates notice.

Harsher penalties in the event of prolonged or frequent absence

However, if you have skipped repeatedly or for a longer period of time, you have to expect tougher penalties. So can the school

  • one written reference pronounce,
  • you with one Threatening expulsion from school and enforcing it,
  • turn on the public order office, which will give you and your parents a Fines of up to 1,000 euros or serving social hours may prove.

In any case, your parents will be informed if you are repeatedly absent from class, as they are obliged to take care of your school attendance. If your parents don't respond to calls or letters, even a teacher will come to your home. After all, it can also be that you have serious problems at home or at school. If so, social workers, psychologists, or even the youth welfare office will be called in to help you. Only in the rarest of cases can your parents even do that Deprived of custody become.

Regulations for adult students

When you are of legal age, you are no longer subject to compulsory schooling. Nevertheless, you have to go to school, for example if you want to do your Abitur or if the vocational school is part of your training.

TheSection 47 of theSchool Act in North Rhine-Westphalia allows schools to completely exempt adult students from teaching without warning. But for that you would have to Have missed at least 20 days of teaching without excuse