Is document processing a scam

Combating casual fraud through automation

News that a leading travel company has been the victim of extensive employee fraud related to the theft of vacation vouchers has shaken the entire industry. The employee turned out to be a long-serving manager in a leading position and with a rapid career. Once more the power of temptation shows: Opportunity makes thieves.

More and more companies are falling victim to fraud. You need to invest continuously to stay one step ahead of outside hackers and keep in mind that both customers and employees are getting smarter. Business process redesign and automation remains a priority for all companies - not just to reduce external hazards, but internal risks as well.

Software systems now form the basis of everyday business in companies. As with most systems, document processing automation is justified with greater efficiency and a better customer experience. With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and an increased risk of fraud, more controls and audits are now required.

The implementation of a sensible, well thought-out and forward-looking automation system for document processing can therefore offer an extremely high ROI. If the vouchers of the company mentioned above had been generated on demand by the back office or point of sale system and the customer documents had been generated by a suitable document processing system, the fully automated process would have prevented the fraud.

In this way, opportunities for fraud can be reduced enormously or even avoided completely. The storage of electronic copies of all vouchers as well as the logging of the issue and redemption dates must of course be integrated. The checking functions must offer the possibility of easy tracking of the entire process - from creation to delivery and including all persons involved, all activities as well as the respective date and time information. If detailed thresholds are set for the number or value of vouchers, automated alerts can be triggered.

The process should also contain personalization options and the possibility of targeting the recipient with regard to the desired product or service. By integrating the relevant branding, premium documents are created for a better presentation of your company. Collected or individually / sporadically created personalized vouchers offer a much better customer experience and at the same time protect your brand and your profits!

The travel communication platform TravelComms from d-flo enables complete personalization - from the documentation and communication you want to create, to the underlying delivery and storage, to indispensable process checks and warnings.

If you would like to learn more about how you can improve your voucher process or other customer document processes in the fight against fraud, contact d-flo - either by phone on +44 (0) 20 3582 5210 or by email at info @ dflo. The conversation will of course remain confidential.