What do successful websites have in common

Successful people and what they have in common

We all know that: these "lucky children". Whether manager, successful athlete or the colleague across the street who has already received another promotion - some people seem to be blessed to be successful. But that is a fallacy: In truth, the lucky children are not kissed by Fortuna, but simply do some decisive things right!

You are aware of your own strengths

Meryl Streep is an acting legend: with three Oscar wins and 21 nominations, she is unsurpassed. Her life has not been without setbacks either - she keeps telling of experiences with violence and of Hollywood colleagues who wanted to treat her worse because she was a woman. Today she stands up for things she believes in - especially for equal rights for women in the film industry. She no longer accepts that she is paid less than her male colleagues: because she knows how good she is.

You dare to do something new and let go of what doesn't work

Did you know Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985? After the company, which he had founded himself, had its first successes with the Macintosh computers, there was an internal power struggle between Jobs and his managing director John Sculley. Jobs left the company and invested $ 5 million in another company: Pixar. The computer trick film studio later had successes such as Toy Story or Finding Nemo and even won several Academy Awards.

You change yourself, not others

And on with Steve Jobs: When he came back to Apple in the 1990s, the company was almost bankrupt. The market had changed and big players like Microsoft had caused the once revolutionary iMac to lose. Instead of wanting to change the market, Jobs first restructured his own company by saving costs - and investing in innovation. In the years that followed, products such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad were created, which not only brought Apple back into profitability, but also brought it back to the top of the world market.

You don't moan

Take, for example, former US First Lady Michelle Obama. At the beginning of her husband's election campaign before the 2008 election, she was insulted and repeatedly booed, including by her own party. Instead of seeing herself as a victim and giving up, she reappeared, addressed the allegations and eventually became one of the key figures - and made history: as the first black First Lady in the USA.