Who is the worst teacher ever

Guy confesses: Why I'm the worst teacher ever

A Reddit user explains how he almost quit his job because he was so uncomfortable

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The job of a teacher is certainly not the easiest. The students actually never feel like attending the class and behave improperly. When a class of 30 students does that, you have to fight hard as a teacher.

But being a teacher also has its beautiful sides. The many holidays and of course the responsibility. And the sparkling eyes of the children when the television is taken out.

What the Reddit user Equinophobe has experienced, he will probably not forget again anytime soon. Because even if they always try to get everything right, teachers are not infallible either.

You can find out what his embarrassing story is about on the next few pages ...

"First of all, it didn't happen today. I'm a high school science teacher and am currently considering taking a break to do veterinary training, but I love my job. I almost gave it up because the experience was so humbling It's been about ten years now, I've been teaching kids on a summer job. Light stuff like beginner's chess, rollerblading, and programming. Mostly classes for older kids. It was cozy one-on-one summer meetings for a college student. I received for Six hours a day about $ 12 an hour, Monday through Thursday for six weeks in the summer. I always finished at 5pm and had three days at the weekend.

"Anyway, a year later I was asked to do a last minute job in a class for 1st year kids. I didn't have a lot of experience with younger children, but the class was basically just 12 children, that I had to babysit and teach them how to play board games. All of this for just two weeks, so I thought it would be a no-brainer. "

"The first day this little boy with curly blond hair showed up and he got on my nerves immediately. He didn't respond to his name so I had to take the name tags off, he almost ran away, he refused to clean up his stuff or simple Follow instructions and he wouldn't listen to me until after I'd repeated myself the third time and looked directly at him. "

"(At this point I was from" Okay Damian, please go and pick it up "to" Damian, I told you to clean up "to" Damian! What did I tell you ?! "). The whole For a while he refused to talk to me or make eye contact and he seemed to have the tick of tapping the side of his head and in all honesty I couldn't figure out why the kid refused to talk to me and I had just understood that he was autistic or something. "

"After the exhausting lesson, I took his hand and personally accompanied the child to his waiting mother. She thought that I would scold this little guy, but good. (The conversation with the parents was pretty relaxed, after the exhausting students. ) His mother saw me and immediately asked, 'Oh Damien! How did he act?' "

"Me: 'Honestly, not great. Damien has a problem following instructions.' And right at that moment I was ready to find out if he was really such a pain in the ass, but before I could say anything, she cut me off.

She: 'Oh, did he tap his head? His batteries must be dead. ' And started talking to him in sign language. He answered by sign language and my stomach suddenly felt like a stone. "

"She then pushed aside a strand of curly hair and a cochlear implant became visible. And a wave of horrific realization hit me.

Without his implant, the boy was deaf and just followed the instructions that I almost screamed into his face because he could then read my lips. He kept trying to tell me that he couldn't hear me and I ignored him and tried to yell at him from his mother.

I wanted to drop dead on the spot. "

What a terrible experience. The poor little boy! Reddit user Equinophobe will probably never forget that. You can find the original article here.