What are some healthy pasta salad recipes

Is Pasta Salad Healthy?

The question of whether the pasta salad is a healthy dish can only be answered if on the individual ingredients is looked in the pasta salad recipe. There are certainly recipes that are healthy. On the flip side, there are also some pasta salads that are unhealthy.

The pasta

If some claim that noodles make noodles fat, others say that they are an important source of energy. What's right now?
Both theses cannot be denied. The decisive factor for whether pasta is healthy or unhealthy depends on the type of pasta. For the most part it will be Durum wheat semolina noodles Bought. According to a study by the German Nutrition Society, 100 g of these have over 300 kilocalories when they are cooked. In addition, durum wheat semolina noodles contain numerous carbohydrates that the body can use. There is almost no fat, but vegetable protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and iron. Whole wheat pasta are touted again and again for a healthy diet. You have more Fiber so everyone feels full longerwhen these noodles are eaten. The fiber content in whole wheat pasta is about twice as high, depending on the type. They also have fewer calories.

The dressing

If you want to eat a healthy pasta salad, you should use the Refrain from mayonnaise. The main ingredients of mayonnaise are egg yolks and oil. This already shows that the beloved mayonnaise is full of fats and cholesterol. Per 100 g of mayonnaise, it amounts to 755 calories, 83 g of fat, 2 g of carbohydrates and 0 g of fiber. If you want to and have to pay attention to the calories, you will quickly resort to the "light" variant. But this product also only contained around 60% less fat.
A healthy dressing is included olive oil made. Not only does it taste very good, it is also considered excellent for health. The virgin olive oil is the healthiest, it is obtained purely from olives and does not have to be processed. It contains low in free fatty acids, important for it unsaturated fatty acids. One disadvantage is the rather high purchase price for virgin olive oil, but it should play a subordinate role in a healthy diet.

Healthy ingredients in pasta salad

If you want to cook a healthy pasta salad, you should be careful when choosing the ingredients. The classic pasta salad with Meat sausage shouldn't be on the table then. There are 283 kilocalories and 26 g of fat in 100 g of meat sausage. Even the light variants are only marginally healthier. If you don't want to do without meat in your pasta salad, you should choose chicken or turkey breast. Depending on the variety, these are around 100 kilocalories and 2 g of fat.
To make the pasta salad healthy, numerous colorful vegetables and fruits should be added to the salad. The pasta salad not only looks very interesting, it also becomes significantly healthier. Those who use fresh vegetables and not frozen or canned vegetables lead the body with the pasta salad important nutrients to.

Ingredients, 100 gKilocaloriesIngredients, 100 gKilocalories
Pasta, durum wheat300Whole wheat pasta129
mayonnaise755olive oil810
Meat sausage283Turkey breast100

It should be noted that 100 g of olive oil is not used in any pasta salad recipe! One tablespoon of oil is about 15 ml.