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K3 PROJECTS. Cultural mediation with apprentices

K3 projects is a model series of cultural mediation projects that have been specially developed for the field of apprenticeship training. Various project variants for vocational schools and companies have been established throughout Austria since the start of this training initiative in 1989. And they all have one goal: to encourage the apprentices to engage in cultural activity on the basis of their own work and life realities in communicative exchange with cultural workers.

The factors addressed here, such as "social action", "ability to work in a team" and, last but not least, "creativity", offer apprentices additional skills that are necessary for their jobs today. There is a fundamental idea behind this concept: That it is sensible and possible to incorporate general and cultural education into the dual system of Austrian apprenticeship training.

The series K3 PROJECTS. Cultural mediation with apprentices is organized by the OeAD and funded by the Ministry of Education. It's free for those involved.
There are always two main objectives associated with the implementation of the individual projects in this series:

  • internally the initiation and intensification of communication between those involved (apprentices - cultural mediators - cultural workers) on cultural content. It is important that there is an exchange of experiences that is as equivalent as possible and
  • externally, the educational policy claim to give Austrian apprentices the right to take advantage of moments of cultural education during their training.

The initial spark for this series of projects was set in 1989 with a cultural mediation project developed by the Museum Education Service in collaboration with the "Eigenart / Museum" team: To bring the apprentices, who were only confronted with job-specific, i.e. "useful" information, closer to a place that was "foreign" to them the museum. The success of this basic project led to the content being expanded to include a wide variety of cultural areas. Whether the apprentices work together to write the lines for a hit song about their dreams and reality, whether a typical gesture from everyday working life is developed into an entire theater scene, or whether they design an apprentice newspaper in which they tell them important topics in their words work through - one thing is the same for all project variants: space and time are created for new types of encounters between otherwise different cultural spheres.

We work with the methods of personnel-intensive, action-oriented mediation, i.e. in small groups, with a focus on communication and action. In this sense, the project series is an example of contemporary cultural mediation. When working with diverse cultural potentials, confronted with the - often unimagined - creative powers of apprentices, one thing becomes apparent: apprenticeship training and cultural education can have a productive connection.

The skills required for today's professional life have become more and more complex than ever. Not only new specialist knowledge is required, but a bundle of future-oriented, social and communicative skills, such as the ability to assess new situations and find creative solutions to problems. In order to acquire these key competencies, a comprehensively educated overall personality is required. On the way there, important impulses can be set by dealing with culture and artistic processes.