Can regular vinegar clean a burned pan

Clean burnt pots and encrusted pots - without scrubbing

Even if the detergent manufacturers promise otherwise, hardly any dishwasher can cope with firmly baked crusts. With these tips you can save yourself the hassle of scrubbing.

Whether burnt or normally soiled: pots and pans are easier to clean if they are soaked immediately after use. The best thing to do is to fill the pot with some water and then place it on the hot plate. While you are enjoying your food yourself, the cooking residues are dissolved and can then be easily removed. So that the dishes do not suffer a temperature shock, it is better to fill them with warm water.

Cleaning burnt pots: baking soda loosens incrustations

With stubborn encrustations, water alone does not help - especially if the pot has already cooled down. Then you can come with baking powder help. First sprinkle a little baking powder on the burnt bottom of the pot and then pour some water over it. The pot is then briefly heated. After about an hour of exposure, the crust can easily be peeled off.

Burned pots and pans: Encrustations can be removed with baking powder and water. (Icon image) (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

Tip: If you don't have baking soda on hand, you can do the same trick with something salt try. However, the salt has to take effect a little longer. It is ideal if you leave the pan with the salt to stand overnight.

Washing powder cleans the pan

Washing powder has a similar effect. You fill the pan with water and add about four tablespoons of washing powder. If you heat the detergent solution and let it take effect, a large part of the residue will dissolve by itself. The rest can be removed with the dish brush without much effort.

With vinegar, the pot becomes shiny again

Many housewives swear by the addition of vinegar. You mix water and vinegar in a ratio of three to one and let this brew simmer in the burnt pot until the cooking residue dissolves by itself. If you want to combine the two agents and add a little baking powder to the vinegar solution, you have to be very careful when heating: the mixture foams strongly.

Dishwasher tabs are also effective when washing by hand

Dishwasher owners can also use a dishwasher tab if they have caked-on food residue. Half a tablet dissolved in hot water is enough to easily clean the pot with a dish brush after a short exposure time.

Clean the stove and oven

In a real cooking battle, the stove and oven are not spared. Whether the pizza cheese is stuck to the oven floor or the milk for the pudding has boiled over: With these tips, the hob and oven can be effortlessly sparkling clean again. A simple trick also helps with the ceramic hob.