How much does WiFi cost per month

Germans have to pay an average of almost 50 euros a month for telephone and internet

Price index important guide value for consumers

"Since prices in the telecommunications market are constantly changing and new tariff models are often offered, it is difficult for consumers to assess whether they are paying too much or not," explains Jan Lengerke, member of the management team at Verivox and responsible for the telecommunications division.

The consumer price index now states the average costs that a new customer would have to pay for these products. The price index is therefore an important reference value for consumers when concluding a contract.
The basis for forming the price index is a representative consumer who uses products from the DSL or cable Internet and mobile communications market segments. The representative consumer is assigned a usage profile for each product.

Internet and landline costs

The consumer price index shows that the monthly costs for an internet and landline flat rate are on average 30.83 euros. If one differentiates between cable internet and DSL according to the type of access, it becomes apparent that cable internet is significantly cheaper: here, on average, only 25.22 euros per month are due, while DSL costs an average of 31.83 euros. The cheapest DSL offer is available from EWE for 24.53 euros. Unitymedia has the cheapest cable tariff in its range for 17.50 euros.

Cellular costs

An average user pays 16.28 euros per month for cell phone use. A distinction between prepaid and postpaid tariffs (with and without data usage) shows that postpaid tariffs with average monthly costs of 16.50 euros are only slightly more expensive than prepaid tariffs, which averaged 16.09 euros per month costs.

A different picture emerges if one only considers tariffs with data usage: In this case, prepaid tariffs with data are on average more expensive than the postpaid variant: For example, prepaid tariffs with data usage cost an average of 18.43 euros per month, while postpaid Tariffs with data usage cost an average of only 17.71 euros per month.

Tchibo offers the cheapest prepaid tariff without data usage for 10.07 euros per month. The cheapest prepaid tariffs with data usage come from Simyo and for 10.11 euros per month. BASE has the cheapest postpaid tariff without data usage for € 9.09 per month. When it comes to postpaid tariffs with data usage, Germany SIM is ahead of the pack with an offer for EUR 8.06 per month.

“The widespread opinion that prepaid tariffs are always cheaper than postpaid tariffs is no longer true. Smartphone users, in particular, get away cheaper with the contract variant, ”explains Lengerke.