How many shapes does Naruto have

In Naruto there are nine huge monsters with incredible powers called bijuu. Bijuus are demons whose appearance resembles animals. Strictly speaking, they are huge, living chakra sets. There are nine bijuu, with 1 to 9 tails. The more tails a bijuu has, the stronger it is.

Jinchuriki are people in whom a bijuu has been sealed. Depending on the skills of the Jinchuriki and the Bijuu, the wearer can easily use the demon's chakra in a fight (Killerbee, Utakata) or be overpowered by this (Naruto, Gaara).


According to a legend, long before the Shinobi Wars, a powerful demon named Juubi brought havoc and death among the people. This demon was sealed by the Rikudou Sennin (the first Shinobi, of legendary strength). The huge body is said to have been banished to the sky and become the moon. While his chakra is kept in the Rikudou Sennin. This makes the Sennin the first Jinchuriki.

So that the chakra of Juubi (which has its own will) is not released when he dies, Rikudou has divided it into nine and scattered it over the world of Shinobi. These 9 parts are the bijuu.

In the great Shinobi Wars, many factions tried to catch Bijuu and use their strength in the war. In order to bring a bijuu under control, it has to be sealed in a human (jinchuriki). Only very strong shinobi can seal a bijuu on their own (e.g. Minato, the 4th Hokage). The 1st Hokage was able to control the Bijuus with his special power. He used this to give each of the big villages a bijuu. This he hoped for a balance of power and thus the end of the war.

Bearers of the Mangekyou Sharingan can bring the 9-tailed (Kyuubi) under their control. Madara Uchiha used this like a “familiar spirit” (Gamabunta etc.) in the fight against the 1st Hokage.

The secret organization Akatzuki is currently trying to extract all of the Bijuus. They want to use their power, although it is not entirely known how. So far Akatzuki has caught all Bijuus except the 8- and 9-tails.

Current data

Ichibi no Shukaku - Shukaku the one-tailed

  • Gaara Sabakuno (Shukaku, Ichibi)
  • status: Captured and extracted by Akatsuki. Later revived by Chiyo (Gaara's grandmother).

The Shukaku is the weakest of the Bijuu as it only has one tail. It was sealed in the same when Gaara was born and gives him the power to control the sand. Through the Shukaku, Gaara has his dark circles, which, if he were to sleep, the Bijuu would come out and displace him. The Shukaku is a tanuki, a raccoon dog that plays a major role in Japanese mythology together with the kitsune, the fox, and was known for being able to transform itself masterfully.

Nibi no Nekomata - The two-tailed cat

  • Yugito Nii (Nibi)
  • status: Captured and extracted by Akatsuki.

The nibi is the two-tailed bijuu and therefore stronger than the shukaku. It's a big demon cat, a nekomata. The nibi has been sealed in Yugito Nii, and she does it pretty well, as it turns out in the fight against Hidan and Kakuzu. The Nibi attacks with fire attacks, for example it hurls fireballs at the enemy.

Sanbi no Isonade - The three-tailed turtle

  • Yagura (Sanbi)
  • status: Captured and sealed by Akatsuki.

The Sanbi is a three-tailed giant tortoise and has not been sealed in anyone. This also makes it weaker because it cannot properly control its power without Jinchuriki. Tobi and Deidara found it and challenged it to fight. With Deidara's help, Tobi managed to defeat the Sanbi and then they sealed it in the statue of the god of death.

Yonbi no Sokou - The four-tailed one

  • Roushi (Yonbi)
  • status: Captured and sealed by Akatsuki.

This Jinchuuriki was older than the ones seen before. He had the four-tailed one in him, but it was not shown. The Old Man was captured by Kisame. The black mark could have been an influence of the bijuus. In Japanese mythology, however, it is a four-tailed half chicken (upper part), half slap (lower part) demon. It has poisonous gas which makes everything around it extinct. It was sealed under Mount Fuji. According to legend, his snoring during hibernation can cause the volcano to erupt.

Gobi no Houkou - The five-tailed one

  • Han (Gobi)
  • status: Captured and sealed by Akatsuki.

So far, nothing is known to us from the anime and manga. In Japanese mythology, it is a white five-tailed dog. Each tail represents an element (fire, water, lightning, earth and wind). He masters all elements and can summon any kind of natural disaster. According to legend, he lives in a huge, old tree near the Kyushu volcano.

Rokubi no Raijuu - The six-tailed one

  • Rokubi (Utakata)
  • status: Captured and sealed by Akatsuki.

Again, nothing is known to us from the manga or anime. But in mythology it is a six-tailed weasel with golden-yellow, spiky fur. Its tails are lightning-shaped. All that has to do with lightning and thunder is its abilities. He was banished by Sarutobi (maybe Sasuke Sarutobi?) In a thunderstorm in the city of Kyoto.

Shichibi no Kaku - The seven-tailed one

  • Fuu (Shichibi)
  • status: Captured and sealed by Akatsuki.

Again not known from anime or manga. In Japanese mythology, kaku is the smallest bijuu. He's a seven-tailed blue badger. He masters transformations, earth skills and clay deformations. A brave warrior named Ikkyo Soujin sealed him in an earth shrine on the outskirts of Nagoya.

Yamata no Hachibi- The Eight-Tailed Serpent

  • Killer bee (Hachibi)
  • status: Active

Contrary to Japanese mythology, the Hachibi is not a snake, but a large bull with eight tails. Besides Naruto, the Hachibi's Jinchuuriki, Killer Bee, is the only living Jinchuuriki. He managed to escape Akatsuki so that his bijuu couldn't be sealed and he didn't have to die. Of all the Jinchuuriki one has seen so far, he has the best control over his bijuu and even has a friendly relationship with him.

Kyuubi no Youko - The nine-tailed fox

  • Naruto Uzumaki (Kyubi)
  • status: Active

The Kyubi is the nine-tailed fox that attacked Konoha-Gakure and was sealed by the fourth Hokage in Naruto Uzumaki. He gives Naruto strength and above all Chakra, but he also tries again and again to free himself from his Jinchuriki and to get free. When Naruto needs strength or is very angry, the Kyubi chakra penetrates and gives it strength. The more chakra penetrates, the more Naruto changes in appearance. When the chakra exits, the lines on Naruto's cheek become thicker and his eyes change into the shape of a fox. Depending on how much chakra comes out, Naruto has a tail. In the first three tails this is formed from chakra, in the fourth form, however, Naruto no longer looks like himself and has assumed a fox shape.

In addition, we now know that the attack by the Kyubi on Konoha was not a coincidence, but an act of revenge planned by Madara Uchiha.

Bijuu like shapes


The chakra that Kyuubi had lost when attacking Konoha was included in Sora. Sora released 4 tails of the Kyuubi at the end of the filler series (057ff) and tried to destroy Konoha. Naruto absorbed Sora's Kyuubi chakra and soothed him (Sora must have lost the chakra, otherwise the filler would have more far-reaching effects on the manga).


Reibi = zero tail only appears in Naruto Shippuden Movie 2. He is a demon that feeds on hateful chakra and can absorb positive chakra. Naruto and Sasuke kill the Reibi in teamwork.