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The best sites to download free e-books

Reading is one of the simplest joys in life and something everyone should do. Books can be expensive even if you don't pay the cover price. E-books are the same price as actual books, and while that somehow doesn't seem right, it is what it is. So how can we get books without paying for the odds? That's what this post is about. I'm going to show you where to find legal eBook and PDF book downloads for free.

Free is really the best price. The downside of freedom and justice is that you don't get the latest bestsellers or blockbusters. We all know how to get books that aren't legal, but the author deserves to be paid for his work. Therefore, all links on this page are to legal sources for eBook and PDF book downloads.

Google eBook storage

Google eBookstore is part of the Play Store and has hundreds of books for free. Google features both new and upcoming writers and is using some bigger names as loss leaders to get you into the store. Many are completely free, while others have a small fee. Either way, there are plenty of books from all genres here, making it a must-try to find free eBooks.

Open library

Open Library apparently has over a million free eBooks. Not only can you download for free, you can upload your own books as long as they are yours and not copyrighted. It's a huge eBook resource that covers almost every genre. It's worth a visit.

Gutenberg project

Project Gutenberg is another great resource of legal eBook and PDF book downloads. It specializes in out of print and non-copyrighted books. If you like the classics this is the place. There are millions of books from all over the world, from all eras and all possible authors. This is a huge resource and definitely worth your while. is all about fiction. It houses thousands of free books on most fiction and non-fiction genres, romance, history, science fiction, short stories, and more. There are also a number of IT, computer, textbooks, and others. You can also submit your own books to be featured on the website if you are a writer. Like the others on this list, the books are legal and not copyrighted.


Scribd is perhaps better known for hosting slideshows and other documents, but it also has a repository of free eBook and PDF book downloads. They say there are half a million books and publications on the site and I wouldn't disagree. The downside is that while the books themselves are free, Scribd costs money to use, although there is a free 30-day trial option.

Free tech books

FreeTechBooks is exactly what it says on the tin. It hosts hundreds of computer science, science, textbooks, scripts, and more online. All are free and can be downloaded in various formats. The site covers computers, math, operating system programming, scripting, and many other topics that are ideal for you at college or learning about these things. is another self-explanatory website that offers free PDF book downloads for free. The range of topics is huge, from non-fiction to textbooks, science and children's books. There are also many industry books here, which are a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get ahead in their job. As far as I can tell, all are legitimate and legal.

Grain books

Getfreebooks is a simple, easy-to-navigate website that makes it easy to find the book you're looking for. Many are industry or science, while there is also some fiction. The site's focus seems to be on computers and internet-related topics, but there is also a lot of random stuff. Many books are listed as scans, so I don't know their legal status. Many are of course free and legal, which is why this page was included on this list.

Internet archive

The Internet Archive is a branch of the Wayback Machine that stores everything online. The archive is a huge library of out of print books, films, programs, music, and more. It's huge and it will take you an age to find it all, but the sheer scale of the project is impressive. It's also a project worth supporting if you can.


Free has a huge selection of free eBooks and PDFs on a wide range of topics. From fiction to geography, LGBT studies to crime, classics and religion and pretty much everything in between. All of them are obviously legal and not protected by copyright. You need to register to use the site, but it's free and it costs nothing to download as many books as you want.


Wikibooks is a nice resource that covers a wide variety of books, from recipes to computers. It uses Wikimedia to host the website so you should be instantly familiar with it when you start using it. There is a search option and the usual category lists. There are nearly 3,000 books on this site so there is bound to be something you want to read here. is a decent website for downloading eBooks or PDF files. The site is simple and works well. The selection is wide and includes a number of non-fiction and yellow pages. It has a mix of free and premium books that are clearly marked in their respective sections. Choices are limited, but the quality of the books it contains makes up for it.

These are just a few of the many places where legal eBook and PDF book downloads are available for free. Everyone is legal as far as I can tell and everyone offers free downloads of some or most of their stocks. Now you have no more excuses to say you have nothing to read!

Do you have other legitimate websites to download eBooks for free? Tell us about it below!