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Yuuzhan Vong

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Yuuzhan Vong



  • Can't feel or use the power
  • Various tattoos and implants on the body

Average life expectancy


Average size

Skin color

Further data

“The Yuuzhan Vong make me angry, master. You destroy all the things that I know and love. "
- Anakin Solo to Master Ikrit(Source)

The Yuuzhan Vong (Children of Yun-Yuuzhan, often short as Vong are an extragalactic humanoid species that invaded the galaxy 25 NSY to conquer it.


"The Yuuzhan Vong are much worse than the Empire ever was."
- Leia Organa Solo(Source)

The Yuuzhan Vong are similar to humans, but are larger, heavier and have less hair growth. If you do have hair on your head, it is usually longer than that of people. Their lifespan is about three times longer than that of the average person. The skin color of the Vong varies between gray, blue, green or yellow. In addition, the Yuuzhan Vong have numerous tattoos, scars and bio-implants that show caste affiliation, rank, social position, or help with work. Unlike humans, they also lack kidneys and their blood is black. Their bodies usually have numerous self-inflicted wounds and mutilations. The skull of the Yuuzhan Vong usually has a flat forehead and long ears and, due to its deformation, appears somewhat disproportionate as a whole. The Yuuzhan Vong also usually have very short noses that are reminiscent of those of a human skull. Under her eyes are blue bags under the eyes, which are considered beauty marks. In addition, their nervous system is designed in such a way that it can endure far more pain than that of humans. In addition, they are unable to feel the force. They can therefore not be tracked down in the Force and power abilities such as mental trick and stranglehold cannot influence them, even for a Jedi master this is absolutely impossible because the power was "taken" from them, as Sekot later said. This is due to the break with their gods, probably a synonym for power, as they used to be a peaceful species but became conquerors due to unfortunate circumstances. This was not what their gods or power wanted; therefore it became umbilical from them. Only after the war against the New Republic, when they settled the southern half of Zonama Sekot, did they slowly return to power. Jacen Solo was the first to notice that the Yuuzhan Vong were part of the power, despite everything, as he felt his fight against Onimi briefly in power when he jumped at him.


The Yuuzhan Vong society is organized in castes. Each caste has its own area of ​​responsibility. You are born into your caste and have no way of changing your caste unless you become a shame.
In addition to the division into boxes, there is also the distinction between domains. The domain is, like the clan, a large family union. Members of a domain usually stick together and work and live in the same place. The tattoos, scars and bioimplants show the caste and domain affiliation and the rank within the caste. The children of a domain are taken away from their parents shortly after their birth and raised together in a crèche, looked after by their crèche parents. They usually only get to know their birth parents as adults. Deformed children are killed immediately. Twin births are very rare and are interpreted as a big event, as these twins have a special future ahead of them. Usually one twin kills the other to fulfill his destiny, as Shimmra Jamaane did.

The individual boxes are:

Supreme Lord: The highest caste that can only contain one member at a time. All other castes are subordinate to the upper lord, since he alone has the last word in questions of warfare, religion or administration. The Yuuzhan Vong believe that the high lord is in direct contact with the creator god Yun-Yuuzhan.

Warrior: The warrior caste represents the Yuuzhan Vong army and is one of the largest castes. Warriors are slightly larger, stronger and more aggressive than their fellows and are trained to fight from an early age. They wear Vonduun crab armor and use amphistas in battle. The patron god of warriors is Yun-Yammka, the butcher. The ranks within the warrior caste are in descending order: Warmaster, High Commander, Commander, Subaltern Officer, Warrior.

Priest: The priests are the pillars of the theocratic Vong society. Each Yuuzhan Vong god has a different priesthood that worships and worships them. The ranks within the priestly caste are in descending order: Supreme High Priest (High Priest Yun-Yuuzhans), High Priest, Priest, Seer and Novice.