I am finished with the work. Is this sentence correct?

Office sayings: 45 funny sayings + pictures for the workplace

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Office slogans: The decisive factor is how they are received

There are many facets to humor. While some lie on the floor laughing, others raise their eyebrows and don't think it's funny at all. It is no different with office slogans. For you, however, it depends even more on how you are received. Does this offend a colleague? Could the saying offend the boss? Before you decorate your desk and workplace with funny office slogans, you should think carefully about what you want to hang up and express where.

Labor law: Office calls can lead to a warning

Are employees allowed to design their workplaces freely or decorate them with office slogans? "No," warns Peter Groll, specialist lawyer for labor law. In the office, employees must adhere to the house rules. Means: The employer can basically determine how the offices may be furnished or embellished. Those who violate it risk a hefty warning. In case of doubt: be sure to ask beforehand! As long as the content is correct, most bosses show understanding with funny office slogans and pictures.

But please also make yourself aware: An endless collection of office messages on the door or walls conveys in the subtext that someone obviously has a lot of working time left and does not fill it with work, but with nonsense. It gets really tricky when the office messages can be understood as an insult. In this case, the employee can even commit a criminal offense. Possible consequence: termination without notice. The argument that this is just humor does not work. The boss decides on this. And bad jokes have led to job losses at one point or another.

Funny office sayings and pictures about everyday work

Laughing is healthy. Therefore, therefore and because of that, there is still a selection of the best office slogans and pictures that should make many smirkers. Have fun!

31 Funny office slogans: is it still work or can it go?

  • "My job is on the verge of equality."
  • "I can deal well with people."
  • “I'm sorry, I just wasn't listening to you. My thoughts were better. "
  • "Capturing process aborted."
  • If you only change 8 letters in “Home Office”, it says “Gin-Tonic”!
  • "I work hard." "Me too, otherwise the job would be unbearable."
  • "I think so I'm wrong here."
  • "If you talk nonsense all the time without even realizing it, you are either in love - or in the office."
  • "Cake in the office is like feeding predators in the zoo."
  • "My job is so secret that I don't even know what I'm doing here."
  • "Work is calling!" "Tell her I'll call you back!"
  • "A little more serious offense would do us all good."
  • "There's a lot to do - let's file it!"
  • "Today I have very bad vigor - the volume of acts has been used up."
  • “My opinion is clear. Please do not confuse me with facts!"
  • "Be clever act stupid!"
  • “Nobody applauded again when I came into the office. This persistent lack of recognition is beating me up. "
  • "If you're looking for me: I've gone a little too far."
  • "The office is not a religion: you don't have to be dead to know that the boss really exists."
  • "I can not judge. Should be of interest to me. "
  • “You often wish that time stood still. And then it happens on a Monday morning in the office. "
  • "Anyone who has a hangover in the office is far from fond of animals!"
  • "We work hand in hand: what one can't manage, the other leaves behind."
  • “Every Disney hero sings a song before solving a problem. We should do that in the office too. "
  • "As a naked sleeper, it is not easy in the office."
  • "The office is like a fair - only with files."
  • "I need a certificate that I am sick." "What is wrong with you?" "Well, the certificate."
  • "The only reason to work longer is not there."
  • The biggest lies in the office: "I'll do it right away." "I wasn't." "It was still possible yesterday."
  • "I have whiplash from shaking my head for 8 hours at work."
  • “Dreamed of work tonight. I will charge five hours overtime for this. "

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