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Youtube Download: This trick is the best way to download videos


The best YouTube downloaders in the test. We'll show you how you can download YouTube videos with an iOS or Android smartphone or convert them to MP3s.

In theory, downloading videos or MP3 songs from the YouTube internet platform is easy. In practice, it quickly becomes apparent that a right-click is not enough. We clarify whether this is legal or not allowed and show you apps for iOS and Android that promise convenient downloads.

YouTube download: legal or illegal?

The devil is in the details here. The legal question is by no means as clear-cut as it seems at first glance - to clarify this, we use the assessment of a well-known media lawyer who is familiar with the topic. The apps mentioned are often banned from Apple and Google app stores, Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices.

Here we show you why this is the case and how you can still achieve your goal. If a solution no longer works, please report it using our feedback form and we will take care of an update and an adapted solution. We have dedicated a separate article to PC software in this segment, which you can find here.

The legal rating of Youtube downloaders

The reason that apps for this service are regularly deleted from the app stores is due to the power of the provider. Because neither Apple and even less Google have an interest in videos and songs being downloaded from Youtube and available offline. Both providers are market leaders in music and video streaming, Google is the publisher of the Play Store on the one hand and Youtube on the other, even in a dual role - and with the product "YouTube Music Premium" also has a paid version of its service in the offer, with which the download of videos and songs is compensated with the monthly flat rate.

Both refer to the terms and conditions of YouTube, in which the download of videos and songs from the platform is prohibited, and take action against this within the scope of their possibilities.

However, the use of the service is subject to certain restrictions. The following is not permitted: to access any part of the service or the content, as well as to reproduce, download, [...].

Extract of the terms of use YouTube from July 22nd, 2019

This contradicts the "right to private copies" valid in Germany if and to the extent that the user does not avoid any technical hurdles with which the provider would like to prevent the download. Christian Solmecke, partner and attorney at the media law firm "Wilde Beuger Solmecke Rechtsanwälte / Kanzlei WBS", deals with this question on a professional basis and illuminates everything in detail in one of his videos, which we are allowed to show you here.

External content
from Youtube

At this point you will find a Video from Youtube, which complements the article. You can display this with one click.

I consent to external content being displayed to me. This allows personal data to be transmitted to third-party platforms. More on this in our privacy policy.

According to this interpretation, the download of YouTube videos and songs is covered by the "right to private copy" and the terms and conditions of YouTube cannot effectively contradict this - at least, doubts seem to be justified.

Downloader for YouTube: The easiest way is via chatbot

We looked at which apps for iOS and Android phones you can use to download videos and MP3s from YouTube and have tested the various options for you.

We don't want to bore you unnecessarily with details - and we don't even have to, because with a Youtube downloader bot from Telegram you blindly decide on the best method of downloading videos from Youtube. Independent of the mobile operating system, ad-free and reliable. Our test winner!

The best Youtube downloader apps for iOS

The best YouTube downloaders for iOS searched for, loaded and tested the right software. The test winner is free, ad-free and reliable: a rare combination.

The best Youtube downloader apps for Android

Finding the best Youtube downloader for Android was not easy because of Google's restrictions in the in-house Play Store. After our test, we have a clear test winner. To us, the solution via the Telegram bot seems to be the most convenient solution.

In detail: The test winner Telegram

In the long run, the official app stores are not a reliable source for YouTube downloaders for the reasons mentioned, because apps are either not allowed at all or are quickly removed. For us, the alternative of a messenger Telegram chatbot is a smart solution.

There are also many services among the chatbots that promise the download of YouTube videos and songs, but so far we have only found a single Telegram chatbot that currently delivers a really fast service and works reliably. Here we show you step-by-step how it works.

We can fully recommend the bot @remoteyoutubedl_bot after the test - Regardless of whether you own an iPhone with iOS or an Android cell phone from Samsung or Xiaomi, for example. The service is free and ad-free and also reliable.

Unfortunately, the service is currently only available in English. Download the Telegram Messenger onto your smartphone, if you haven't already installed it, and just try it out for yourself.

YouTube downloader for iOS

While Google, as the operator of YouTube and its own app store, takes rigorous action against YouTube downloaders of any kind, Apple's iOS app store appears more permeable.

The free apps are all ad-financed and the programmers didn't mean it well with the user when integrating the advertising. Compared to the advertising-free service of the Telegram bot, you are literally littered with advertising. With some of the apps offered, the advertising spin function seems to be the only function; it was not possible to download YouTube videos.

Nevertheless, we found a total of four apps that are available directly in the Apple app store and that provide usable results. However, three of them, namely the apps "Video Fly Lite", "Video MediaBox Lite" and "Video Link Lite" are identical and seem to have the same author.

The design is more of the day before yesterday than yesterday, but handling is relatively easy. Another advantage is the ability to transfer downloaded videos to the "Photos" app on the iPhone. That should be possible ten times before you have to purchase the full version: in all three cases the app "Video Pro Now - Supreme Edition" is advertised, which is available for 4.49 euros on the iOS app store shelf. We didn't load them, and the lite versions weren't particularly good advertising for them either.

Because our favourite Among those iOS apps that claim the YouTube downloader function for themselves is the "Listening to music offline: video-mp3" app. Even here you have to endure full-screen advertising on a regular basis, for example before playing a video, but overall the advertising volume is limited. You can also use the app to conveniently upload videos from all other relevant social media services such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to your smartphone.

in the free download*

And the design also looks much more modern, fresher and tidier than the aforementioned triplets. The offer also includes the option of converting the video into various audio formats; however, it is not possible to export the videos or songs from the app.

Our interim conclusion: None of the iOS apps on offer can hold a candle to the Telegram bot. If there has to be an alternative, you will most likely find it with "Listen to music offline: video-mp3".

YouTube downloader for Android

Google itself handles the YouTube downloaders in its own Google Play app store even more rigorously. There are not just a few apps that can be found on the subject, but the vast majority (as with Apple) do not seem to serve the actual purpose. Instead, there is plenty of advertising. That will probably be the reason that they are still available in the app store. A rogue, who thinks badly: Maybe these apps are supposed to just wear down the searchers afterwards.

However, some exceptions have slipped through the surveillance. The free app "Video Downloader & mp3 download" is one of them. With the software you can download videos from various internet platforms. All common video formats are supported and the download is quick and easy. The app can only be used to a very limited extent for downloading YouTube videos. Only a few URLs can actually be downloaded from the video platform, and our test kept getting error messages.

At free download*

A more reliable alternative is the also basically free app "Free social video downloader". Here, too, you first go online to search for the video you want and off you go. In contrast to "Video Downloader & mp3 download", we had no problems downloading videos from YouTube with this program.

At free download*

However, there are two restrictions: firstly, the quality of the downloaded videos is not optimal, and secondly, you have to endure advertising before the downloads. Some users in the Play Store report occasional problems with the free version.

However, since Google is constantly carrying out stricter controls in the Play Store, you will only find a 100% reliable YouTube downloader for Android there by chance, if at all. The conclusion is therefore similar to the iOS apps: Above all, the freedom of advertising and the straightforwardness of the Telegram bot seem to make the e alternatives appear clearly inferior. If you absolutely have to, you can access the "Free social video downloader".

No experiments outside of the official app stores

Of course, at this point we could also show you ways how you can get suitable software outside of the official app stores and install these apk or other installation files on your hardware. These include apps like TubeMate, Snaptube or KeepVid.

In view of the convincing result of the cross-platform Telegram bot and the inferior but useful alternatives available in the official app stores, we will forego this at this point. Not least because you expose yourself to the great risk of downloading malware onto your cell phone.

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