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Discover the world with books - Our 5 children's book recommendations for adventurers

Each of us had at least one favorite book when we were little. A book that our parents had to read to us over and over again. It was about funny pirates, clever animals, dangerous dinosaurs, mysterious wizards and many other adventurers - there were almost endless fantasy worlds to discover.

Today, many of us have children of our own or are the favorite aunts and uncles of little bookworms who can't wait to hear another story from us. Here come our 5 Children's book recommendationswith whom you can discover the world together.

Table of contents Recommendations for children's books

  1. Letters from Felix: A little rabbit on a trip around the world
  2. Pippi in Taka Tuka Land
  3. Camping: Holidays with wind and eddies. A Wimmel story
  4. Finally camping again!
  5. The whole world

Children's book recommendation for explorers: Letters from Felix

The plush one Felix the cuddly bunny is on his way home from vacation with his girlfriend Sophie, when he gets lost. Sophie is deeply saddened. Nobody knows where Felix is. Until one day a surprising letter is addressed to her from London.

This letter is only the first of many in a long one Adventure tour around the world. That's exactly what Felix intends to do. His letters come from everywhere: Rome, Egypt, the USA and many, many other countries. Read for yourself where Felix is ​​going and find out whether the little cuddly bunny will ever find his way back to Sophie.

Letters from Felix is our children's book recommendation for everyone who wants to show their little ones the world in a humorous and cute way.

Bestselling children's books: Pippi in Taka-Tuka-Land

A classic that still makes all our readers' hearts beat faster. In the third part of Pippi's adventurous stories, the lively nine-year-old sets off a wild rescue mission.

From a mysterious message in a bottle, Pippi learns that her father kidnapped by pirates has been. Ephraim's daughter decides to free Captain Longstocking from the clutches of the pirates. Of course, her best friends Annika and Tommy should not be missing. With the flying Myskodile they go to Taka-Tuka-Land where Pippi's papa was imprisoned becomes. And so the three friends embark on a stormy journey into their next adventure.

We absolutely had to put this bestseller from children's book author Astrid Lindgren on our list of children's books. No recommendations without Pippi Longstocking!

Nice children's books: Camping - Holidays with wind and eddies.

This recommendation comes from the category beautiful children's books. We really love the illustrations by Eilika Mühlenberg in this great picture book. We hardly need to explicitly mention our endless enthusiasm for camping.

The giant, inflatable crocodile takes all small children on an exciting camping holiday. Carried by the stormy wind, the funny crocodile flies through the pages of this Wimmel story and comes from a warm summer day in the rain.

The illustrated children's book recommendationis for children from 36 months suitable. The funny drawings also ensure a mischievous smile in adults.

Children's book recommendation for everyone: Finally camping again!

This camping book is also a hit with children and adults alike. Why did we choose it? Because camping is simply the greatest! And lovingly illustrated children's books above all.

You may remember: the trunk of your station wagon is full. Dad is just lifting several dozen kilos of luggage into it, Mutti is putting the food bag in the footwell, you and your dog are sitting between the camping chairs on the back seat. You only want to go camping!

With his beautiful illustrations shows Phillip Wächter that imperfect world of the tent vacation. And in a really lovable way. This colorful picture book is one of our favorite children's books and therefore among the top 5 of our recommendations.

All the world - the map book

Our last Children's books recommendation is, you may already guess, a picture book! We really, really like loving drawings. This copy is not a pure children's book, but rather a book for the whole family.

The Polish illustrators Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski decorated it with so many wonderful details that we couldn't withhold from you. Each of the 51 maps reminds of one Treasure map. We immediately felt like looking for and exploring the countries presented.

There is a detailed legend in beautiful font. It tells you which sights, landscapes, animal species and other features are special for the respective country. You and your kids can hardly get to know the world more beautifully.

Conclusion: recommendations for children's books

The fact is, we would have loved to have packed many more children's books with our recommendations, but then you can’t get out of reading our article. After all, we want you to read with your children. But, who knows, maybe at some point another book list will follow, and another, and another, and ...

Our children's book recommendations will also help you to beautify the travel time during your well-deserved family vacation.