Behave unhealthy INFP types like INTJ

INFP: MBTI® Personality profile

INFP strengths

INFP people like to develop creative solutions to problems and feel morally committed to what they believe in. They enjoy helping others with their inner development so that they can reach their full potential.

Potential development areas for INFP types

INFP people often find it difficult to speak up in meetings, which can lead to the impression that others are not interested or have nothing to contribute. It is not always easy for them to convince others of the advantages of their ideas.

Typical characteristics of the INFP type

INFP people are mostly flexible, spontaneous, thoughtful and reserved. They are also imaginative and developmental.

The most common character traits of INFP types are presented here in the form of a funny type that you can download and share.

INFP professions and ideas for career choice

INFP personality types love to help others develop and learn. They express their creativity through writing or the fine arts. They appreciate the importance of the work they do and enjoy working with people with similar values. INFP people are drawn to professions that have to do with counseling / life support and human development as well as art and writing.


INFP type head

The typical characteristics of the INFP type are also shown in this type header, which you can download and share *.

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INFP relationships

Because INFP people tend to be reluctant and picky about who they share their innermost feelings and values ​​with, they can sometimes be difficult to understand. Her partners see her as sensitive and introspective.