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Dairy Science and Technology (150e)

The Dairy Science and Technology Department with the associated research and teaching dairy is part of the Institute for Food Science and Biotechnology at the University of Hohenheim. Our focus is on the study of process-related behavior and changes in milk and dairy products during storage. The primary goal is to use an interdisciplinary approach and cross-linking research to investigate the treatment in the full depth of the individual processing stages using the usual physical, chemical, microbiological and modern immunochemical analysis methods, and to describe and simulate functional relationships in terms of formal kinetics. In addition, more and more complex problems arise for the treatment and processing of food. Reasons for this are increasingly established mixed products on the market (which is documented by the often very long lists of ingredients), the convenience food area and the requirements for high product quality in terms of nutritional and health value with simultaneous microbiological safety and chemical-physical stability. On the other hand, there is a tendency towards more pronounced environmental awareness and greater naturalness of the products. An in-depth understanding of the process-related changes offers the opportunity to develop technologies for both directions with which, on the one hand, natural resources are conserved and, on the other hand, valuable ingredients are preserved. The research and teaching dairy with its facilities for the treatment and processing of food allows a direct transfer of the technologically oriented research to the pilot scale, so that a practice-relevant transfer and development is guaranteed.