What exercise makes my stomach strong

6 home remedies for stomach pain

What you can do yourself against stomach upsets

Stress, fatty foods, alcohol or caffeine: These and other factors can affect the stomach and cause symptoms such as pain, heartburn and nausea.

Anyone who suffers from acute stomach pain that is not caused by any serious illness can heed some of the following tips to quickly feel good again.

Too much hectic everyday life is often the reason for stomach pain. Thereby stress If hormones are released that can have a harmful effect on the stomach, you should consciously take a break and switch off from time to time. Learning a targeted Relaxation technique (e.g. autogenic training or yoga) can help.

Food like Potatoes, carrots, bananas and rusks soothe an irritated stomach. They affect digestion and provide the body with important nutrients. It is important not to over-season the vegetables and to consume only little fat in order to avoid additional irritation to the stomach.

It is also advisable to regular meal times to adhere to and not to eat too much and too quickly at one meal at one time.

3. Drink a lot

Sufficient water flushes the toxins out of the body in the case of stomach complaints caused by bacteria, for example from spoiled food. It's best to take it Mineral water or Apple spritzer, which can also be used to counteract an impending mineral deficiency, e.g. due to diarrhea. But also Herbal teas - Peppermint, chamomile, caraway, fennel and ginger have proven themselves - help with stomach pain.

4. Avoidance of luxury foods

Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine irritate the stomach lining. Because they often cause stomach problems, it is better to avoid these substances. This also applies to sweets.

Light massages of the abdominal area help to get rid of tension. They have a relaxing effect on the whole body and relieve pain. Place the palm of your hand on your stomach and move it circling clockwise around the navel.

Warmth can relax the cramped stomach. The best for this is one Hot water bottlethat you lay on your stomach. However, this should not be placed directly on bare skin, as hot water could cause burns. Also a heated one Cherry stone pillow helps with stomach pain. Warmth stimulates the blood circulation in the tissue and relaxes the muscles.

When should you go to the doctor?

Please note that the tips given here should only be used if your abdominal pain or discomfort is not a symptom of a serious illness. Acute complaints, especially after eating, can be normal and can be alleviated well with the advice given here. However, you should suffer from acute symptoms with very severe pain or Side effects such as vomiting, or prolonged pain be sure to consult a doctor.