Can you bowl without bowling shoes?


By default, we charge per bowling game (not based on time). A game consists of ten frames or rounds in which you have the chance to clear all ten pins. You can calculate around ten minutes for a game per player. So if six players play on one lane, they'll be finished with a game after around an hour. Games that have been started will only be charged proportionally.

weekdaybefore 6:00 p.m.after 6:00 p.m.
Monday to Wednesday4,004,00
Thursday to Saturday5,005,00
Sunday and public holiday5,005,00
Before a holiday5,005,00
Happy bowling3,003,00
Bowling shoes3,003,00

We also offer a time price. This is called the VIP tariff and must be ordered from the counter before the game begins. In doing so, we bill to the minute based on time. 29 euros are due per hour, regardless of the number of players or the number of games played. As always, a maximum of eight people are possible per lane, we recommend up to six players per lane for adults. If you wish, you can choose to pay in advance, in which case the train will switch itself off automatically after the requested time. This tariff is ideal for groups who want to calculate their game price precisely in advance. As a thank you, we also serve a small gift on the house to the railway.

Our Brunswick Interactive Games provide even more bowling action. On your own monitor above the lanes you can see how your lane is doing compared to other lanes. One strike on your track and the racing car will advance one position. Who will be the first to cross the finish line? Ideal for team building or simply for fun in direct competition with other groups!

Holders of a Niederösterreich Card can find information on redemption here ("Free entry with the Niederösterreich Card").