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75 exquisite and free fonts [UPDATE]

by Robert Block | March 1, 2016
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With our “FREE FONTS” series, we present fonts for free download. Regularly updated, this exquisite font collection will support you in the design of your projects and printed matter. We present the works of dedicated graphic designers, typographers and font experts from all over the world and show you where you can download the free fonts. There are already sources for web designers such as Google Fonts or Adobe Edge Web Fonts. However, if you need fonts for the design of print projects in InDesign and Co., you cannot avoid installing appropriate fonts on your computer. With our collection you can expand your font library in no time.

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If you don't have a budget for chargeable font families for your endeavor, you can also be inspired by our collection of useful and noteworthy fonts and use them yourself if you like. You can get to the downloads by clicking on the graphic or the font name and the respective designer is of course also linked.

5 new fonts from March 1st, 2016

Pifont is known as a “serif linear antiqua”, a so-called “slab serif” font. With its block-like serifs, it is suitable for combining classic and modern design in print and digital media at the same time. Portuguese designer Filipa Contente's Pifont font works equally well on posters, brochures, websites and even in mobile apps.

Font September has its creative background with the classic tattoos of the knuckles. If you want to give concise headlines a certain old-school charm, you should take a look at the idiosyncratic font by Spanish graphic designer Borja Fernández. His goal was to incorporate as many features of the original tattoo style as possible and he released September in three weights under a Creative Commons license.

You can give your projects a certain retro touch with the Ailerons font. Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior studied graphic design at São Paulo State University and developed the free font as part of an experimental model building project. He was inspired by the aircraft models of the 1940s. The stylish Ailerons is ideal for headings and the neatly drawn numbers can also be used in a variety of ways.

The Indonesian graphic designer Maulana Creative is behind the Rissa font. The wonderfully curved and hand-drawn font gives the design a cozy, warm character. Applied to a wide variety of designs, Rissa comes into its own on posters, stationery and T-shirts. The brush-style font is ideal for modern projects and, for example, graphics in web design.

With Monopoly, Hyun Seok Choi completed his first font. The painter, draftsman and designer from South Korea provides the characteristic, elegant and modern font in Regular and Bold fonts for free use. The font with the popular name contains uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and a variety of special characters.

5 new fonts from 05/15/2014

Behind typedepot are Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova, both true font lovers. Your Font Banda is characterized by a high center length and the rounded semi-serifs. Originally it was only intended as a commercial typeface, but quickly developed into a complex family consisting of 7 typefaces plus the associated italic variants. The Regular is available free of charge.

The following handcrafted font comes from the “Big Apple”. Filiz Sahin from New York made the font based on the contours of the DIN bold font. The artistic and ornate drop type is available in vectors as an EPS file and stands out from the crowd, especially with colored elements.

For the fashion-conscious designers among you, I've picked out the Glamor by Hendrick Rolandez. The art director and graphic designer from Melbourne created the font family consisting of 24 weights, each of which consists of 200 individual characters. Uses the Glamor for magazines, books, posters and many other media with a demand for aesthetics and elegance.

Ilario Strazzullo from Rome is behind the brand new GRAVO font. He developed the font as part of his studies at the Akademie für KÜnste und Technologie, with a focus on straightforward design. The GRAVO is an uppercase font, so it only contains capital letters. Numbers, umlauts and some special characters are also on board.

Font designer Gumpita Rahayu from Absolut Foundry in Lucerne just a few weeks ago. For the sans serif font, he was inspired by the most popular sans serif fonts. In addition, he designed the x-height rather low compared to the cap height, which makes the font appear dynamic and predestines it for advertising text. The Luzern contains 5 font weights with various extras, whereby you can download the Regular and Italic for free.

The 5 writings from 03.03.2014

ADAM is a sans serif font, for which the Indian artist Shrenik Ganatra was inspired by the Futura. He loves art and believes in its potential to change the world - simply by changing people's mindsets and their view of the environment. With their clear and sharp presentation, the 227 characters are ideal for headlines, posters, titles and captions.

Adrien Coquet is currently working as a junior web designer in Lille (France). At the same time, he is currently completing his diploma in graphics and design at a private university. He designed the FARRAY font and then published it for free use. Inspired by the Bauhaus, the rather unconventional uppercase font only comes in capital letters - but some of them in a very original style.

The following font will only cost you a tweet or post on LinkedIn. Thijs Janssen alias SuperBruut let the "Le Super Serif" dust for 3 years before he finally found time to finish it. The result is a fashionable upper case font with a hint of Western. You get 88 capital letters and some special characters as well as the font styles Regular and Semi-Bold.

Illustrator and graphic designer Kamil Iwaszczyszyn created this sans serif font. The width of the characters (in technical terms "thick") is therefore rather narrow, in keeping with the even and thin line width. The highly defined capital height and the ascender length of the characters contribute to easy legibility. A fine, simple, and clear font.