What is the best iOS app for OCR

Text recognition: iOS apps for digitizing printed texts

The iPhone in hand saves the scanner in the office: at the desk and on the go, a snapshot with the mobile phone camera is enough to digitize a business letter or the timetable on the notice board at the bus stop - provided you transform the flood of pixels in the photo with a suitable app in searchable text.

Since the iPhone generation four and the iPad generation three - so for many years - Apple's mobile devices have been taking photos with resolutions of five megapixels or more. That is enough to scan a DIN A4 page with the usual font size well enough for the subsequent text recognition (Optical Character Recognition, OCR). In the meantime, countless apps have appeared in Apple's app store that are supposed to enable a smartphone or tablet to perform OCR. The offer is hardly manageable. Some apps that appear powerful at first glance, in reality only work in certain environments or turn out to be unreasonably expensive to operate. We have selected applications that also work offline at affordable prices.

The apps "Doc Scanner + OCR free", "My Scans, best scanner app", "OCR Scanner with Leadtools SDK", "Scanbot Pro", "Scanner Mini" and "TextGrabber 6 - Real-Time OCR" are good for that digitize a simple business letter or a sign seen on the go with an iPhone or iPad. We have left out apps such as Adobe Scan and Microsoft's Office Lens, which only work in their manufacturer's online environments, and candidates such as "Scanner App" from BP Mobile or the app of the same name from Alphonse Brown, which have subscription prices from 4 to 5 Euros per week are unreasonably expensive.