How many people watch Netflix

Netflix: So many people watch films and series with it

The program manager himself is: When the blockbuster runs is determined by the user with services like Netflix. But how many people actually do that already?

Be at home in time for your favorite show or program the video recorder beforehand? Fewer and fewer people will have to do this in the future. With streaming services such as Netflix mobile or on TV, series and films can be called up exactly when the viewer has time. Just seeing one episode of your favorite series each week is a thing of the past. With Netflix & Co. there are usually whole series seasons. In the COMPUTER BILD infographic of the week, the editorial team, in cooperation with Statista, shows how the number of subscribers to Netflix has developed.

Twice as many users within two years

From the beginning of 2012 to autumn 2014, the number of Netflix subscribers has more than doubled. Around 26 million people worldwide watched films and TV via Netflix at that time. Today more than twice as many use the service: 53 million. The audience base is growing steadily in the home market of the USA, but Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso gaining popularity internationally. Users from Northern Europe and South America currently make up around a quarter of the subscribers. By the end of 2014, the international share could be a third.

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