How do the unemployed stay happy?

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Unemployed academics: when good education becomes a problem

Unintentionally unemployed: these are the duties of academics

Anyone who uses Hartz 4 for the transition period has certain obligations towards the employment agency. First and foremost, it is assumed that you are available for the job market. This means writing applications on your own initiative and also reacting to placement offers. In this context, many academics ask themselves what is reasonable work for them when they receive Hartz 4. According to the law, that is actually every job. This is regulated by § 10 SGB II and § 140 SGB III. Unemployed academics are not allowed to refuse work because they are overqualified for it or want a higher salary. Those who refuse to do a reasonable job face sanctions - usually in the form of a reduction in salaries.

However, there are also exceptions when a job is unreasonable:

  • When someone is physically, mentally or emotionally unable to carry out an activity.
  • When an activity interferes with the ability to carry out the actual job.
  • If childcare would no longer be guaranteed by accepting a job.

Anyone who puts forward one of these arguments against accepting a job must provide evidence of this and should also be prepared for the employment agency to examine them carefully.

If you have registered as a jobseeker, you will also receive invitations to talks with your contact person or to further training events from time to time. As mentioned, not all of these measures are useful for academics. In this case, you can speak to your advisor, but you should never stay away on your own initiative, as a rejection is usually associated with sanctions. There are exceptions, for example, if you are ill or have been invited to a job interview that is taking place at the same time.

After all, it is one of the duties of Hartz-4 recipients to coordinate a so-called absence from location in advance with the employment agency. The application for this should be submitted no more than 14 and at least seven days before the start. The vacation entitlement amounts to three calendar weeks per year.

Where can I get more help for unemployed academics?

Unemployed academics can find help not only at the employment agency. There are numerous associations as well as self-help and interest groups for the exchange of experiences, advice and contacts. Some of them are specially tailored to the needs of unemployed academics, such as the Akademiker Initiative Hamburg e.V. or the Munich association * nea. Trade unions, political parties and churches with their offers are more generalistically positioned.

If you want to invest the money, you may find a professional coach to talk to who can open up new horizons. What talents are still lying dormant in me? Where can I hone my appearance? Answering these questions can be the first step towards a new job. If a coach is too expensive or a stranger to you, you can alternatively get this external perspective from your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Retraining: The way out for some academics

Retraining is certainly a very radical way of finding a job for unemployed academics, after all they have invested many years in their training. This step is worth considering if a job profile or an industry has long-term poor future prospects. Get a realistic picture of this and don't let your hopes or any pessimists in your environment block your view. Even if you are no longer happy with your originally chosen profession, this is of course a good reason to consider retraining.

Anyone who purchases Hartz 4 must definitely discuss their plans with their contact person at the Employment Agency so that they can give their blessings. If he is convinced of the plausibility, he can be of help in looking for retraining opportunities. Under certain circumstances, however, it does not have to be a complete break with the previous profession: Targeted further training may open doors that were previously closed. For example, a new foreign language can make the job abroad within reach, or training on certain software can make the résumé interesting for new companies.

What jobs are there for unemployed academics?

As mentioned at the beginning, academics are in great demand on the job market with their in-depth training and specialized skills. When asked which jobs are available for unemployed academics, the counter-question must therefore be: Which are not there? In order to find the right position, applicants should only search in the right place. academics has created a job market especially for university graduates and academics with professional experience, which leads them directly to the demanding jobs of public institutions and companies. You can find suitable vacancies for academics here!