What is Michael Jordan's talent

Michael Jordan - What made him so "unearthly"?

“In my career I've missed over 9,000 throws. I lost almost 300 games. The game-winning throw was entrusted to me 26 times and I didn't hit it. I've failed over and over again in my life. That's why I'm successful. ”Michael Jordan

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The end of the Bulls era

A short time later, on January 13, 1999, the news of his resignation sparked an earthquake in the basketball world. Jordan had once again proven it to everyone and himself and now wanted to try something new. His days as an active basketball player should be over for now. In addition to other business activities such as his restaurants, he joined the Washington Wizards, an average team at best, as a team manager. But the way fans got to know their Michael Jordan, they knew that MJ should miss the challenge. And so Jordan actually put on the basketball jersey again for two seasons in the 2001/2002 season. This time, however, not that of the Chicago Bulls, but that of the Washington Wizards. With Jordan, the Wizards narrowly missed their place in the playoffs, but Jordan set a few more NBA records. In the 2003 NBA Allstar Game, he outbid Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the all-time leading scorer of the All-Star Games. Four days after his 40th birthday, Jordan became the first 40-year-old NBA player to score more than 40 points in a game.

On April 16, 2003, at the age of 40, the basketball world was allowed to see “His Airness” fly through the air for the last time in an NBA jersey. Today Jordan owns the Charlotte Bobcats, one of the most unsuccessful teams in the NBA. Unlike when he was a player, not everything Michael Jordan touches turns into gold. Nevertheless, one has to attest Jordan overall that he is a clever businessman, because his aura and his basketball skills made the sporting goods manufacturer Nike with the brand "air Jordan" the market leader in basketball in the 90s. To date, sales of Jordan's products and shoes are worth around $ 1 billion a year.

Michael Jordan's mindset

In my career I have missed over 9,000 throws. I lost almost 300 games. The game-winning throw was entrusted to me 26 times and I didn't hit it. I've failed over and over again in my life. That's why I'm successful. " This is how Michael Jordan describes his own success. There are many players who were born with great talent, but few players have worked as ambitiously towards their goals as Jordan did on a daily basis. Every training session was a competition for him. Jordan could not stop even a stomach virus and so he tormented himself to the extreme in the 5th final game against Utah Jazz in the 1997 final series. The superstar, who played at the limit of his strength, almost single-handedly caught up a 16-point deficit and with his 38 points ensured the 90:88 victory of his Bulls, who took the lead with 3: 2 and 2 days with this big point later brought the 5th championship to Chicago.

This irrepressible will catapulted him onto the Olympus of basketball. Jordan owes countless NBA records and honors to his obsessive perfectionism. Which player in the world can claim to be the top scorer of the strongest league in the world in one season and at the same time to have been named the best defender?

Legendary Jordan moments

In the 90s I put up with many excruciating school days just to see Michael Jordan play live. With a few friends, I regularly watched the Chicago Bulls playoff games, some of which didn't start until around 3 a.m. German time. In retrospect, I would do it again and again, because the performance that the player with the number 23 on his back put on was always breathtaking. Many of these moments are still cemented in my mind to this day. I remember how Jordan sank a free throw with his eyes closed or how he let two seasoned New York Knicks professionals run into the void with a body deception and finally dipped center superstar Patrick Ewing in the “face” suitable for poster. Moments that seem like they were yesterday. But I also remember Michael Jordan dribbling towards the basket on his own and the ball bouncing off his foot shortly before the jump and jumping out of there. Yes, Michael Jordan is only human too!

The last litter

As already mentioned, Michael Jordan made his last litter on April 16, 2003 for the Washington Wizards. Michael Jordan made his real "last throw" on June 14th, 1998 in the jersey of the Chicago Bulls, namely in the 6th NBA final game against the Utah Jazz. It was the throw that Jordan's teammate John Paxon sank against the Phonix Suns on June 20, 1993. Back then, the Phoenix Suns were leading 98:96 seconds before the end and were on the verge of forcing a decisive 7th game in front of their home crowd. The Bulls had possession and the Suns defense focused almost exclusively on Michael Jordan in the last attack, leaving three-man specialist John Paxon completely free on his favorite line. The rest is known to NBA fans: He took the open throw and scored 3.9 seconds before the end to make it 99:98. The Bulls became three-peat champions for the first time. Jordan stepped back. But for me, despite his 3 championships in a row and his numerous successes, Jordan went without the last bit of perfectionism that I expected from my idol. Because it was not he, the go-to-guy, who hit the “last throw”.

Almost the same situation 5 years later. This time at the Delta Center, the venue for Utah Jazz. The superstars Karl Malone and John Stockton lost the 1997 final series to the Chicago Bulls and had the chance to revenge in the 1998 final series. In the 6th final game, the Jazz were in front of their own audience seconds before the end with their own possession with 86:85 and were able to force the decisive 7th game with a win. But the nimble fingers of the NBA defensive player of the year 1988 poked the ball out of the hands of power forward Karl Malone and so the Bulls got possession 20 seconds before the end. Michael Jordan dribbled the ball over the center line and let the time tick down. The Jazz decide to defend Jordan 1-on-1 and a whole hall, a whole nation, the whole world now knew what was to come: 8 seconds before the end, fate took its course. Jordan faked a penetration to the basket and pulled the ball back with an incredible crossover dribble. Defender Bryon Russell almost stumbled from this quick, unexpected move and Jordan used this short sequence for the open jump shot from half distance. The rest is NBA history. Jordan meets, lets his arm hang out in the air, cools around and jogs back easily. One last jazz attack under time pressure misses the mark. Jordan and his Bulls are three-peat champions for the second time. Jordan resigns again, but this time it's the farewell I wished for!


Michael “air” Jordan will always feel the urge for competition. Maybe he wants to know again and prove that he doesn't belong to the scrap heap. Not only the very young basketball fans who have never seen MJ play live would be happy. I, too, a big Michael Jordan fan, would enjoy every minute of my youth idol on the NBA floor to the full.

Ramy Azrak


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