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What does «close contact person» mean?

Close contact means that you were less than 1.5 meters away from an infected person without protection (e.g. a partition or both people are wearing a mask). The longer you have contact with an infected person, the more likely it is to be infected.

The cantonal authorities and the infected person jointly evaluate who falls under the “close contact persons”. The cantonal authorities will contact you if an infected person has referred to you as “close contact”. Then you will find out what to do. Further information can be found on the page How to deal with symptoms and possible infection.


Close contact is considered to be (higher risk of infection)

  • People living in the same household with more than 15 minutes of contact (one-time or cumulative) of less than 1.5 meters with the case
  • Contacts of less than 1.5 meters and for more than 15 minutes (one-time or cumulative) without suitable protection (e.g. partition or both people wear a hygienic mask)
  • Care or medical examination or employment with aerosol generating activities without suitable protective equipment, regardless of the duration of exposure
  • Direct contact with respiratory secretions, body fluids without the use of protective equipment
  • On the plane:
    • Passengers who sat within 2 seats (in each direction) of a Covid-19 case without a hygienic mask.
    • Travel companions or supervisors, crew members in the sector of the aircraft in which the case was located. If the severity of the symptoms or the movements of the sick person suggest a broader exposure, passengers in an entire section or in the entire aircraft should be considered close contacts.

Not considered close contact (low risk of infection)

  • People who have had contact with protective equipment (e.g. partition made of Plexiglas or both people wear a hygiene mask) for more than 15 minutes under 1.5 meters
  • People who were in the same room with the case (e.g. at the workplace), but who did not have cumulative contact of less than 1.5 meters with the case for at least 15 minutes.
  • Passengers who were not seated within two seats (in each direction) of a Covid-19 case and had no other relevant contact.
  • People who live in the same household (e.g. shared apartment) who have not had contact with the case for at least 15 minutes from under 1.5 meters
  • Children of pre-school age or school age among themselves, especially in the school environment (compulsory school) or in childcare facilities that complement the family, if there is no accumulation of cases (≥2 cases).
  • Laboratory personnel who work with SARS-CoV-2 viruses that are capable of replication, provided that adequate protective measures are observed.
  • Medical staff who were in the same room as the case, but who never fell below a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Medical personnel with less than 1.5 meters of contact with the case (e.g. case during care or medical examination), if adequate protective equipment was worn during the entire time of contact.