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The Dutch coastal region is perfect for ...

... every type of vacation! No matter whether you like to be active in your free time or prefer to just lie on the beach and relax, have a good time with food and drink or want to experience the cultural highlights - the Netherlands is so diverse that all holidaymakers go to come their way. The Dutch coastal regions of Zeeland, North and South Holland and Friesland are particularly popular for a stay, because paired with the fresh sea breeze and the proximity to the water, most activities are twice as much fun.

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... nature and animal lovers

Do you love to discover the flora and fauna of a region? Then a mudflat hike in the northern province of Friesland is a must. The unique natural spectacle, which has even made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List, can best be experienced when you are right in the middle of it instead of just being there. How it works? Just look for accommodation on one of the five West Frisian Wadden Islands. Most of the accommodation options are on Texel or Ameland. If you look out the window in the morning, you can already see whether it is ebb or flow. Once the water has receded, it doesn't take long before the first mudflat hikers appear on the scene to search the muddy seabed for its secrets and discover immense ecological diversity. If you are lucky you will see fish, plants, birds and jellyfish even seals.

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Tip: You can also look for a holiday home on the mainland and “wadlopen” - as the Dutchman says - as part of a guided mudflat hike to one of the islands. Such a tour is a unique experience. It takes up to 5 hours and requires a good level of fitness.

... those looking for peace and relaxation

Would you like to come down for a weekend, forget everyday life and really let your mind wander? Then go to the sea in Holland! The salty sea air is already good per se, the view of the sea is calming and the numerous wellness offers round off the little break. You will find a real oasis of relaxation at Azzurro Wellness, which is nestled in the dunes of Noordwijk. Another point of contact for the well-being of body and soul is the Beauty & Spa Zenmoodz in Egmond aan Zee. Whether hotstone massage, hammam or hand care, this is all about inner and outer beauty. In many coastal towns, for example in Scheveningen and Domburg, you can also take part in outdoor yoga classes on the beach.

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... passionate water sports enthusiasts

Whether open sea or inland lake, canal or river - waters are omnipresent in Holland. While divers, windsurfers and kite surfers cavort, especially on the coast of the province of Zeeland in Renesse, Domburg and Brouwershaven, a true Eldorado opens up to sailors and boat captains, especially in Friesland. On the one hand, the IJsselmeer lies here on the border with North Holland, which is one of the most popular sailing areas in the Netherlands with over 1,000 square meters, and on the other hand, the Frisian Lake District attracts with many lakes that are connected by rivers, canals and canals. This is shown, among other things, by the Staande Mastroute: a waterway on which you can cross the provinces of Groningen and Friesland on an uninterrupted passage by sailing boat or other watercraft. The destination port of the northern section of this shipping route is Lemmer on the IJsselmeer.

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Tip: The fact that water sports play a major role in the Netherlands is shown not least by legendary events such as the North Sea regatta in The Hague in May or the Sneeker Week in Friesland in summer. If you are planning to attend one of these popular events, make sure you find your accommodation well in advance.

... gourmets and connoisseurs

Good food and fine wines are what make your trip a successful holiday? Then go on a culinary tour of discovery. Frikandel, bitterballen and co. Are by no means all that the Netherlands has to offer in terms of culinary delights. Delicious oysters and delicious mussels, for example, are served freshly caught from September to April in the province of Zeeland. It's even more exquisite from the end of March to mid-July, because this is the period during which it is lobster season. Another specialty is the first herring of the new season, the "Hollandse Nieuwe", which you can try from around June everywhere at the fish stalls on the Dutch coast or at one of the numerous herring festivals. One of the biggest culinary street festivals is the Vlaggetjesdag in Scheveningen. Fish and marine animals are not on your plate? Then visit the province of Gelderland, where you can pick fresh strawberries in summer or enjoy delicious game dishes in autumn. And don't forget the Dutch cheese! A highlight is the historic cheese market in Gouda, which takes place every Thursday from April to August.

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... sun worshipers and beach lovers

If you want to bathe and soak up the sun during your vacation, the best time to visit the Netherlands is in the summer months from June to September. There are countless seaside resorts and stretches of beach on the 450-kilometer coastline. The most popular are the white sandy beaches in Katwijk and Noordwijk in South Holland. The best address for bathing beauties and water rats in Zeeland are Domburg and Renesse with their long, fine sandy beaches. With Zandvoort, Bergen and Egmond aan Zee, the province of North Holland also has three points of contact with the best conditions - in terms of both the beach and accommodation. Do you love the feeling of sand under your feet and danceable rhythms at the same time? Then off to Bloemendaal aan Zee, where the best beach parties take place.

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City beaches: You can even experience that real beach feeling in the Dutch cities of The Hague and Amsterdam. The seaside resorts of Scheveningen and Kijkduin are just outside The Hague; in Amsterdam you can sunbathe on the city beaches of Zuid, Sloterplas, Dok Amsterdam or Pllek.

... cyclists and hikers

Admittedly, you will look in vain for mountains in the Netherlands. The highest point is the Vaalserberg in the province of Limburg at around 322 meters. However, that does not mean that hiking enthusiasts will not get their money's worth here. Aside from mudflat hiking, the Dwingelderveld National Park in the province of Drenthe, for example, invites you to stroll through the most beautiful moor, heather and forest landscapes. Joggers can also look forward to a 23-kilometer trail run there. You can also hike through the dunes in the Hollandse Duinen National Park or on the Noord-Hollandpad, a 284-kilometer hiking trail from Texel to Huizen. Cyclists are spoiled for choice: More than 32,000 kilometers of cycle paths await them. Along the coast alone there are 570 kilometers of cycling fun that is part of the international North Sea route. The IJsselmeer route is also very popular and worthwhile, as it leads over 400 kilometers around the lake and past beautiful historical and traditional fishing villages.

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... inquisitive museum visitors

Did you know that the Netherlands has the largest density of museums in the world? This fact is not limited to the cultural centers of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Delft and Maastricht. In almost every place on the Dutch coast, no matter how small, you will also find what you are looking for and you will find art collections and historical museums as well as lots of funny and original exhibitions. The town of Alkmaar, for example, attracts visitors with its cheese museum and the Beatles Museum. In Haarlem in Het Dolhuys, a former psychiatric hospital, you will experience the history and development of mental illnesses and you will certainly not wonder just once when normal ends and crazy begins. Another must-see is the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen, where indoor and outdoor areas invite you to immerse yourself in the life of people back then, before the IJsselmeer was created in 1932. Not far from Harlingen in the small town of Franeker is the "Eise-Eisinga-Planetarium", the world's oldest of its kind that is still in operation.

Tip: The CORPUS in Leiden in South Holland is a particularly beautiful museum for the whole family. The museum has the shape of a human body and it is precisely that with its organs and functions that takes center stage. You should reserve tickets for your visit in good time.

... children who love to travel and are curious

Young holidaymakers love the Netherlands not only for the crispy fries and delicious chocomel, but especially for the beaches. Those in the province of Zeeland are considered particularly family-friendly because they are wide, clean and quiet. In bathing resorts like Ouddorp or Cadzand you are in good hands with little water rats. Water, castles and shells are usually enough for children to have a successful holiday. There are numerous options for families to spend an eventful day away from the beach: The Dutch amusement parks - above all the "Efteling" theme park - are legendary. There are also great opportunities to get up close to animals, for example at SEA LIFE Scheveningen or at the seal sanctuary in Pieterburen in the far north of the country. With the Miffy Museum in Utrecht, there is also a cultural play and learning facility that is explicitly aimed at children aged 2 to 6.

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