What are some recommended porn websites

Extreme porn sites

When you need rough sex that pushes the boundaries, you should check out extreme porn sites. Here you see brutal double anal and even triple anal penetrations and girls screaming as wild dicks mercilessly impale all their holes. It guarantees balls deep action. And it also includes other nasty things like gagging after deepthroat, slapping or massive gangbangs where the biggest whores show what they're made of. Extreme porn sites have nothing romantic about them as each video demonstrates the toughest and roughest actions that are approaching the limits of legal porn.

Why are these sites almost illegal? First off, these girls are given multiple cocks that are so deep and rough that it looks like they're in pain to us. We can't really imagine a normal and normal girl from everyday life doing things like in these clips. However, porn stars are different. They are much more enduring and durable, and they fuck so many guys on a daily basis that we can even say they trained for this type of wild action. They receive so many cocks every day that double and triple penetration is nothing for them. Or maybe sports? Their holes are bigger and they can hold more than normal girls.

Why should I visit extreme porn sites?

If you have kinky preferences, like thinking about sexual assault during sex, or if you just like it rough, you will feel good watching these people beat chicks without mercy. But what are some other things you can see in these clips? For example, humiliation, rare scandals, wrong rape, incest, blackmail, forced sexual favors, and the list goes on. You may see women getting hit or hurt, but that just looks like it's painful. Some would call this category a dark "psychological" type of porn. Most of the sites of this type are great because of the focused niche, which means you can watch a lot of extreme porn with thousands of clips and pictures.

Are these rape videos real or fake?

If you think this is actual rape, don't worry. They don't hobble women without their consent and just decide to film something like that. You'd be in jail, wouldn't you? All of the girls here are open to it, and most of them are professionals who make their living this way. Many of these women are very violent, so they enjoy wild sex and rough boning. They like serious pussy and ass drilling and throats fucked hard.

Will there be a lot of ads on these extreme porn sites that bother me?

Unfortunately, you will face a lot of popups and pop-unders. There will be top and bottom banners, and you should know that most sites have it all. Sometimes it is even impossible to enjoy a video without being irritated by annoying ads. However, since the content is superb and well worth watching, you will learn to get used to all of the ads.

Why are these videos considered scandalous?

Some people don't have a stomach for this category because it might appear like these men are hurting the women they fuck. How can triple penetration or a wild gangbang not be hurtful? But don't worry, these stars can handle it. In fact, they enjoy group sex and orgies with all the holes plugged. If they weren't having fun, they wouldn't.

Do these websites have categories?

While this is a category in itself, you can find even more specific categories. For example, there are sections that only have rape videos or only black chicks, etc. It's great because you can find what you like quickly and you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for a certain type of content. The better the website, the more variety you can expect. Most of these sites are about sex and violence, and some of them have notable BDSM clips. Some of them are amateur sites while others feature professional porn stars. You will like them all without a doubt.

Can I find HD videos here?

While some sites offer great quality video, others don't. If a website isn't a premium website and you don't have to pay for the content, you probably can't find any HD videos there. However, different websites have different features. So give more of these a chance. Sometimes you can download the content or upload your own clips and pictures. Also, you should know that most of these websites are cell phones too. So you can enjoy them even when you are away from home and on your PC.

Do all the extreme porn sites come with hot pictures too?

You won't find hot pictures everywhere. Sites like Xrares have both images and clips, and you can even find great galleries that you will like. However, other websites are more focused on videos. Also, you will find that the content of some websites is often outside of the niche. This can be annoying if you're loyal to this one category, but it's great for those who prefer variety. Most websites offer us a lot of content - thousands upon thousands of videos. It would take hundreds of lives to check them all out!

When you think about it, you are probably asking yourself one thing: why are these people doing this? Why do companies want to be associated with all kinds of brutality and rape at all? Well, we all have our fantasies and some people fantasize about things like rape. Both men and women do it. It's not a big deal, it's just imagination. We all have what keeps us from doing it. Some people get turned on when others treat them brutally or after seeing pornstars treated that way. Don't think too much about it or try to process it - just enjoy the great content you can find here!