What is the FN key on the computer keyboard

Home, Fn, Tab key - what does what mean on the keyboard?

By Philippe Fischer | October 02, 2018, 4:03 p.m.

Everyone uses the computer or laptop every day - but many keys remain unused in everyday life. TECHBOOK reveals what all the special keys on the keyboard mean and how they can make your everyday life easier.

Many keys on the PC keyboard have a function that you have probably never pressed or only accidentally pressed. They make working on the Windows PC easier. TECHBOOK explains the meanings in detail.

The cursor control area

The following area is located directly above the arrow keys on most keyboards. This helps when navigating in large documents and on websites.

  • Insert:The "Insert" key is only used in writing programs such as Microsoft Word. You can switch between insert and overwrite mode with one press. With the latter, all letters to the right of the cursor are automatically deleted when you type. In insert mode, you simply add to the text when you type.
  • Pos1:The Home key helps with websites and long documents. If you press it, you automatically jump back to the beginning of the document. That saves a lot of scrolling.
  • Del: Use the delete key to delete the character to the right of the cursor while editing the text.
  • End:The end key does the opposite of Home - you automatically jump or scroll to the end of a document.
  • Image ↑ &Image ↓:You jump up or down exactly one screen size in the document or on a website.

Tab, Fn, Shift

  • "Shift" or "Shift" (⬆):You press it to type the corresponding capital letter instead of a lower case letter. Many keyboards have the shift key twice - to the right and left of the letter field.
  • Caps Lock or toggle lock (⬇):With a single press you activate the "Shift" key permanently in order to type in capital letters.
  • Fn:On many keyboards, the Fn key is highlighted in a different color. It enables some special functions. If you press the Fn key and another key with a blue background at the same time, you get this function. Example: If you press Fn + Ins at the same time, our keyboard creates a screenshot in the clipboard.

Already knew: The arrangement of the letter keys in Germany is regulated by a DIN standard (DIN 2137). So you don't have to get used to a different layout.

  • Alt GR: The button stands for "alternate graphic", which translates as "alternative font". This enables a third or even fourth function of the same key. If you press AltGr + Q, for example, you get the @ sign.
  • Menu button (to the right of Fn): The menu key does the same thing as a right-click on the mouse
  • Num: With the Num key you can activate the keypad on the right side of the keyboard.
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