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Due to Corona: These tools for the home office are now available free of charge

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We don't have to keep you up to date about new corona news and political news, others are already doing that to a large extent. But the effects can also be felt across the board in our news categories. But also in the “positive sense”: At the moment, this is the case with a number of apps that are offered free of charge.

Anyone who can work from home in the home office will receive the tools and programs that are actually chargeable from various companies for a few weeks free of charge due to the Corona crisis. Below we list a selection for you, additions from you in the comments will be added promptly:


Students and schoolchildren whose educational institution has an education license can access Photoshop and Co. free of charge from home until May 31, 2020.

Microsoft Teams / Microsoft Office

Chat, a calendar as well as video and audio telephony are brought together in a well thought-out interface. The best thing about it: Microsoft treats you to the premium version for the whole of 2020 - you can read all the details here. In addition, the Redmond Group provides you with the web application (in the browser) for Word, Excel and Powerpoint free of charge.


Even after switching to a subscription, the password manager is one of the most popular tools worldwide for managing passwords across platforms. Here the developer is offering an extension of the test phase for the “business” model to a total of six months.

Google G Suite

If you are a G-Suite customer, you can currently access the associated premium functions of the group from Mountain View free of charge - until July 1st, 2020. These include up to 250 participants per meeting, a live stream with up to 100,000 viewers and that Record and save the feed in Google Drive.


There is also an offer from Germany at the moment. The private version of TeamViewer can currently be used for professional work without restrictions; the company is turning a blind eye here.

Stay fit at home

Even if there has not yet been an official curfew in Germany, stays outside should be kept to a minimum. So that you still don't get any belly fat, you can download the yoga and fitness app Down Dog (affiliate link) free of charge until April 1st, 2020. (This time also really: D)

Cult calculator

Who still remembers the iconic TI-83 / TI-84 calculator from Texas Instruments that tormented all of us in math class? It was way ahead of all other pocket calculators at the time, because it could be used to draw graphs, call up advanced statistical functions and much more.

The reason for the little debauchery is that the calculator app GraphNCalc83 (affiliate link), which is a visual and functional replica of the calculator, can currently be downloaded free of charge - a first. Since the App Store debut, the price for the app has always been constant between € 4.00 and € 6.00.

O2 increases the speed of its data throttle

In addition, the Munich mobile operator announced that it will temporarily increase the reduced speed for all tariffs with a data volume - from 32 kbit / s to 384 kbit / s. That is still not a lot, but it should be enough for WhatsApp messages and the like.

In the coming weeks they will be able to find out about current developments without restrictions and stay in contact with family and friends - by phone or video telephony, via WhatsApp and other digital channels. For this, the surfing speed is increased to 384 Kbit / s after the included data volume has been used up. With this promotion, which is subject to the end of April, customers can make unlimited use of the most relevant smartphone applications at no additional cost.

According to the company, the changes in all corresponding O2 postpaid tariffs will take effect “in the next few days” and, as quoted, will initially apply until the end of April.

You can find more tools in this fancy article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung! Do you have any more tips for us?

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