How is the Canon EOS 7D

Astro conversion Canon EOS 7D

after the camera has been received by you in approx. 4 weeks

including VAT, plus shipping costs
4.95 € shipping costs in Germany

What are the benefits of an astro conversion?

Digital SLR cameras should display motifs as true to color as possible. For this purpose a color correction filter is installed, which cuts off some interesting wavelengths from an astronomical point of view, namely H-alpha, N [II] and S [II]. However, the CMOS chip would be able to "see" these wavelengths.

What exactly is being rebuilt?

The camera houses several filters. The "Integrated Cleaning System" with the IR cut filter is retained. The conversion affects the color correction filter with unsharp mask. Some competitors swap one filter for another at this point, but we remove the color correction filter without replacement and measure the autofocus again. Physically and visually nothing more than that is necessary.

As the world's first provider, we have carried out this conversion from the start with receipt of the guarantee!

After the modification, the camera is recalibrated to ensure that the autofocus continues to work correctly and a sharp image can be seen in the optical viewfinder if the sensor is correctly focused.

After the renovation

The camera now has three times greater sensitivity for H-alpha, N [II] and S [II], so filters such as the Astronomik H-alpha EOS Clip or Astronomik SII EOS Clip can be used with great profit. So you have a camera sensitive in the H-alpha and S [II] spectrum with a chip size that would only be available in the CCD astro camera area for several thousand euros. Filters such as CLS, UHC, O [III] and H-beta can still be used as with cameras that have not been converted. For IR-converted cameras, please pay attention to the addition "CCD" in the Astronomik filter designation. These filters have an additional UV / IR blocking, which is necessary for the function in the visible spectrum.

Is the camera still suitable for everyday photography?

Yes! There are three options for cameras that have been converted to astronomy, only the last of the three options applies to IR-sensitive cameras. a) Manual white balance before taking a picture. A new white balance must be created manually in each case with changing color light conditions. b) You accept the red tint and then have the pictures automatically compared on a computer using a photo program (PS, Gimp, etc.) that can be stored in batches. c) An Astronomik conversion filter (APS-C) or Full format filter is used.

If you want us to convert your camera, please proceed as follows:

1. Place the article with the desired conversion service in the shopping cart here in the online shop. If you do not want to use the online shop, send us an email with the corresponding conversion request.

2. A camera conversion can only be ordered against prepayment (bank transfer or PayPal payment). A revocation is no longer possible after the start of the renovation.

3. After entering the order in the online shop or sending an email to us, you will receive an order confirmation with our account details.

4. Send us the camera as an insured package. Note the amount of insurance coverage with the shipping service provider commissioned. Before shipping, remove under all circumstances:

  • Original packaging
  • lens
  • Eyecup
  • belt
  • battery pack
  • Memory card
  • Tripod plate
Use the shipping address: Vesting, Storchenweg 6, 21217 Seevetal

You can see when your camera arrives via the shipment tracking option (track & trace via the Internet) of the shipping company commissioned.

5. After the conversion, you will receive an email from us with the option of tracking your camera's shipment over the Internet. You do not incur any costs for return shipping within Germany.

6. A new dimension in astrophotography can begin for you!

Would you like to have a Canon DSLR converted that you have not found here? Please contact us by email or by phone at 040-511 43 48.

Note for customers from Switzerland and Norway: Please do not send us any cameras from the post office. The probability that we will then have to declare the camera for you is very high. The customs clearance of used cameras is associated with such a high effort that we have to invoice 90 euros for it. Other shipping service providers are not affected by this fact. A dispatch on our part to Switzerland and Norway is not associated with any additional costs on our part, but please expect that additional effort will be required for the import.

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