What is 505 error

Status code 505 HTTP Version Not Supported

What does the status code 505 (HTTP Version Not Supported) mean?

It is at 505 HTTP Version Not Supported one of the so-called HTTP status codes. When the server tries to send a request (entering a URL) to the client (in this case an Internet browser), HTTP status codes indicate whether the request was successful or not. In the event of an error, the code number provides information about the cause. Other error codes are, for example, 500 Internal Server Error and 205 Reset Content.

The problem with Code 505 HTTP Version Not Supported is that the server on which the website is running does not support the HTTP protocol version. This full version is specified by a web browser such as Firefox in the data stream requested by the browser. There are several different versions of the HTTP protocol. With 505 HTTP Version Not Supported it can be seen that the server either fails to execute the request with the specific version or does not want to. If the version number itself is error-free, the error code should only appear if versions 1.0 and 1.1 are used, but the server only supports older versions.

Correction of the error code

Nowadays most web browsers are equipped with the new versions from 1.0. In practice, however, most servers still have the old 0.9 protocol. So the only way to fix the error is to get a Update of the web server software to undertake.

In a few cases, the problem can also be that the url itself contains errors. This should for example no spaces contain. If possible, a Input test on a newer web browser respectively. If no error occurs, it is due to the missing update. However, if the code is also displayed here, the web server of the page may be attacked by a Virus or malware are present. If there are security gaps, this can lead to an attack on the client, which then sends false messages. So-called buffers prevent the page from being displayed so that the entered URL can then be read.