A B Ed is important

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Proof of knowledge of Latin is required for the Bachelor of Education French / Italian / Spanish courses.

By when? Proof of knowledge of Latin must be submitted to the Examination Office by the time you register for the exam in the modules LKW IIIa / IIIb, SW IIIa / IIIb and SP III (see Examination Regulations: General Part, § 11 Paragraph 2 No. 3 and Special Part, § 5a).

How? Knowledge of Latin can be proven by the Latinum (in the Abitur certificate or as an additional examination to the Abitur) or by passing the final exam of the "Latin and Romance Languages" course. Foreign applicants can have their knowledge of Latin acquired in their home countries recognized.

The following rule applies to the acquisition of the necessary knowledge of Latin:

  • The students attend the "Exercises to prepare for the Latinum: Lower Level" for the Latinum (4 SWS); there are various parallel courses to choose from, so that the timetable is not a problem.
  • In addition, a Exercise "Latin and the Romance languages ​​/ Latinum upper level (for Romance students)"(2 SWS) which explains the relationship between the grammatical structure of Latin and that of the Romance languages.
  • The exercises “Lower Level” for the Latinum and “Latin and Romance Languages” are offered every semester. They can either be attended in two consecutive semesters (recommended!) Or at the same time. The Exam always takes place at the end of the exercise "Latin and the Romance Languages".

For an introduction to ancient culture and literature, it is also recommended to attend the Latin part of the literary studies introductory lecture of classical philology. This is only a recommendation; the content of the lecture is not checked in the exam.

Important: All Latin courses are not offered by the Romance Department, but by the Philological Department.

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