Which banks do transfers in Ghana

International transfer to Ghana


Banks have so-called for certain types of international transfers Implementing provisions:

However, Ghana is a third country and therefore the institutes do not have to meet a deadline. This can also be seen in practice. Recipients regularly have to wait several working days up to weeks for the money.

Other factors that can influence a processing time at a bank:

  • Bank in the country of dispatch
  • Integrated partner banks
  • Bank in the receiving country
  • Transfer amount


The Fee amount in the case of a bank, due to the factors mentioned, the duration is usually higher than in the case of online providers. Who ultimately has to pay the fees depends on the selected fee option:

Recipient pays all fees.

The sender and recipient share the costs.

Sender pays all fees.

At Transfer services the fee structure is a lot simpler and more transparent. Most providers even carry out at least the first transfer free of charge.

Exchange rate

A change to the local currency of Ghana when making a transfer order to a bank is not always safe. This information is rarely found online. Only a direct inquiry with the institute can provide information on this. However, the settlement rate offered often includes a very high margin, which means that the transfer amount can be greatly reduced by exchanging the currency.

Transfer services change consistently to the GHS. Above all the provider TransferWisewho even makes the exchange at the real mid-market rate. This fact leads to the fact that the full transfer amount arrives at the recipient.

Other advantages of a transfer service

  • New customers often receive their first transfer free of charge
  • Comparatively low fees for further transfers
  • Fast processing of the transfer due to a better and more specialized network
  • No editing by Correspondent banks
  • Partial payment in cash possible (no account required)

Send money to Ghana

As already described, a transfer to Ghana with an online provider can be very quick and inexpensive. With TransferWise, the money can be deposited into the recipient's account within an hour. The fastest way, however, is to pick up cash. With this variant, for example, the provider needs WorldRemit only a few minutes. The money can then be picked up at various locations in the country, including the branches of a total of 15 banks, including the

  • Agricultural Development Bank
  • ARB Apex Bank
  • Ecobank
  • Fidelity Bank Ghana
  • Universal Merchant Bank
  • University bank
  • The Royal Bank

Free transfer and currency exchange at the real mid-market rate

Many transfer services allow transfers to Ghana at a comparatively very low price. With TransferWise, the first transfer for new customers is up to the equivalent of GBP 500 free! The fees for follow-up orders are also very low. There are no costs for the currency exchange, as the provider transfers the amount at the real average exchange rate.

Send money to Ghana free of charge now