How much loss do casinos allow

New rules for online casinos - what is changing regionally?

Online casinos have since represented a gray area in Germany, which is why the area was on the one hand prohibited and, on the other hand, allowed - a loophole in EU law made this possible. The new German State Treaty on Gambling will allow online casinos in the future, but there will be strict rules.

Even previously illegal offers became legal for the first time from October 15, 2020. However, they did not call themselves “online casinos”, but had given themselves names such as “virtual amusement arcade”. The new State Treaty on Gaming will come into effect from mid-2021. This article shows exactly what has changed.

What does the new German State Treaty on Gambling change?

In particular, due to the lockdown as a result of the corona pandemic, there was a new high for online casinos - but the success could not be denied even before that. The platforms generate greater sales year after year. In Germany, however, sales could soon decline, because there are various regulations for player protection, as a specialist website ( has reported.

Since October 15, 2020, the gaming supervisory authorities of the individual federal states can no longer take action against the offers and ongoing proceedings have also been discontinued. An important prerequisite, however, is that the respective offer complies with the respective provisions. The tolerance phase is also intended to determine which provider will also be considered "reliable" in the future.

A “reliable” provider is preferred when a later German license is awarded. But it could also be that if a provider does not adhere to the rules, the license will not be granted. Of course, raffles like the ones we have on the website are not included here.

Lots of new rules - the focus is on player protection

The provider of an online casino (or "virtual arcade") must adhere to various new rules. The federal states in Germany have adopted over 30 new rules, which in some places sparked a dispute. It could be that certain rules will be expanded again.

The focus is on player protection, because the player should benefit significantly more from transparency. It needs to become clearer what he has won or lost. So that the stakes can also be better calculated, it must be clear how much money has been wagered in the last few hours and days.

Politicians and addiction counselors assume that the risk of addiction is reduced when the player sees how much money has been lost and won. The providers must point this out regularly.

There should then also be a monthly bet limit, which will amount to 1,000 euros per month. This prevents the player from getting into debt due to gambling. Since December 2020, the rotation has also been limited to one euro per use, previously it was even possible up to 50 euros per rotation.

Then there should also be a virtual panic button, which must be visible in the player's field of vision at all times. When the button is pressed, a self-locking occurs. This is also intended to prevent gambling addiction from being immediately restricted.

How will online casinos be controlled in the future?

The federal states do not yet agree on how the rules can be controlled at all. A clear agreement between the individual countries is required so that work can also be carried out more efficiently.

However, it is conceivable that a committee will be founded which will agree on uniform rules. Furthermore, test games could be introduced, which means that the authorities can check at any time whether the provider is complying with the rules. A back door for the authorities would also be conceivable in the long term.

How can a gambling addiction be recognized?

Player protection should be set so that gambling addiction is restricted or does not arise at all. The medical term is "pathological gambling" (DSM-5) and is classified as behavioral addiction.

The WHO has defined a total of nine criteria, of which at least four must have been met over a period of 12 months. This includes playing increasingly higher stakes, frequent gambling in stressful emotional states or gambling the next day to make up for a loss.

Conclusion: new regulations were necessary

The new regulations have been necessary in Germany for years, because within a gray area neither the authorities nor the players know what is right and wrong. Furthermore, the youth protection law was hardly observed and the players often played on manipulated virtual slot machines - a loss was inevitable.

The more than 30 new rules and the upcoming German license for virtual arcades will ensure that the players in particular are protected. Due to rules such as the limit of 1,000 euros per month, sales in the industry in Germany may also decrease. However, another effect can also be achieved: more people will be interested in it because it is now completely legal. How the market is developing can be seen in retrospect in a year.