Which shoes can go with this dress?

Perfect styling: which shoes go with which dress?

It's kind of frustrating: After a long search, you finally found a dress that not only looks great, but also fits perfectly and yet it has been hanging in the closet for ages. The problem: You just don't know which shoes go with the dress.

But times are changing from today! We'll show you how to find the perfect shoes for summer dresses, maxi dresses, shift dresses, etc. and also reveal which shoe shapes are the best choice for which figure.

4 styling rules: How to find the perfect shoes for your dress!

No matter which dress you want to wear, if you know these 4 simple styling rules, you will find the perfect shoes for your outfit!

1. The shoes must match the occasion

The first and at the same time most decisive question: What do you want to wear your outfit for? Depending on whether the occasion is festive or casual, different shoes go well with the dress. With shoes you can either upgrade your outfit, i.e. make it even more chic, or give it a casual touch.

Elegant shoes with heels such as pumps or exciting sandals (e.g. these from Amazon) work as outfit refiners. Remember: For floor-length dresses, the heel height of the shoes should be matched to the length of the skirt. If the shoes are too high for the dress, there is a high water alarm. If the shoes are too flat, the dress will drag on the floor. It is perfect when you can still see the tips of your shoes despite the maxi dress.

With sporty shoes such as sneakers or flat sandals, you can make clothes that look more chic, suitable for everyday use and more casual.

2. Safe choice: picks up on the style of the dress

Take a close look at your dress: is it more casual and sporty or chic and elegant? Straightforward or boho style? Look for shoes that go with this style. You can wear sneakers with a sporty dress; you should combine chic shoes with an elegant evening dress.

The following applies to the brave: You can also consciously choose shoes that Not match the style of the dress. Such a break in style can be really exciting. How about rough leather sandals with a romantic lace dress?

3. Color duplications have a particularly harmonious effect

A safe choice are shoes in a shade that appears in the dress. This makes the look harmonious. But you can also work with contrasting colors on the shoes for the dress. Important here: Pick up the color of the shoes again with other accessories such as bags or jewelry.

Pro tip: Wear skin-colored shoes such as pumps or sandals. These shoes go with any other color and the legs look extra long in them.

The best styling tips for flat shoes:

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4. Extravagant shoes spice up simple dresses

If you have opted for a somewhat simpler, single-colored dress, you can spice up your look wonderfully with eye-catching shoes. Decorated boho sandals (shop at Amazon) or pumps and sandals in an exciting color are great.

Styling tips for every style: These shoes go well with summer dresses, evening dresses and shift dresses!

Still unsure which shoes look best with your dress? We show suitable models for every dress style!

Which shoes go well with the summer dress?

When combining summer dresses, the following applies: Take up the summery, light style with your shoes. Therefore, they are always a good choice for summer dresses flat sandals. Very trendy in summer: Roman sandals, platform sandals, boho-style models and shiny metallic sandals.

Summer shoes with wedge heels or wide block heels go just as well with light clothes. They have the advantage that they stretch the figure and make the body appear slimmer overall.

Espadrilles with a summer dress are more casual than shoes with wedge heels. The light fabric shoes with the typical raffia sole are perfect for days when you have to walk a lot. In contrast to most sandals and heeled sandals, your foot has more support in espadrilles. Even more comfortable: snow-white sneakers and light cloth shoes!

Which shoes go well with an evening dress and cocktail dress?

Nothing is more glamorous than an evening dress. It goes without saying that the shoes have to keep up! Strappy sandals with stiletto heels are super elegant and exciting at the same time. With their open cut and high, narrow heel, they visually stretch the legs and ensure a sexy walk. Pointed pumps are also a good choice for floor-length dresses, as their points peek out from under the long dress fabric.

Eye-catching shoes go perfectly with short cocktail dresses. How about rhinestone or embellished pumps or sparkling heeled sandals? If the dress itself is rather simple and monochrome, you can step on the gas with the shoes.

Important: With floor-length evening dresses, you absolutely have to coordinate the skirt length and heel height!

Which shoes go well with the shift dress?

The shift dress is timeless, elegant and the perfect choice for festive occasions or business appointments. With such a feminine and noble-looking dress, you should wear shoes that underline this style.

Classic pumps are a safe choice for a shift dress. Tip: Reach for pointed models with narrow heels - they stretch your legs and make you slim. If you can't run safely in high heels, you can also use pumps with flat block heels. They are comfortable and still chic.

Even more comfortable and just as suitable for business: Loafers and pointed ballerinas made of smooth leather!

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