Why is my Kindle DX not registering

Amazon is discontinuing support for these Kindle e-book readers

Amazon is discontinuing support for the first two generations of Kindle e-book wheels. The Kindle DX is also affected by this. Only Kindles from the third generation, also known as Kindle Keyboard, will continue to be supported.

In the case of the Kindles, “no longer supported” means two things: There are definitely no more software updates. And you can no longer re-register the affected Kindles with an Amazon account. However, this is absolutely necessary in order to be able to use a Kindle. Kindles still connected to an Amazon account can apparently continue to be used. However, it is unclear whether this also means that you can continue to add new books to this Kindle or only read books that are already on the Kindle.

In particular, the following Kindles are no longer supported:

  • Kindle (Released 11/19/2007)
  • Kindle 2 (Released 02/23/2009)
  • Kindle 2 International (Released 10/19/2009)
  • Kindle DX (Released 6/10/2009)
  • Kindle DX International (Released 1/19/2010)
  • Kindle DX Graphite (Released 7/1/2010)

All newer Kindles are supported by Amazon until further notice and can now be registered with an Amazon account. But Amazon has just made it clear that it will gradually sort out outdated e-book readers. If you want to buy a used Kindle, you shouldn't use a model that was released before the Kindle 5 or the first Kindle Paperwhite.