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Info Sir Robert:

The SIR ROBERT BADEN POWELL was built in 1957 as the sea tug "ROBERT" in Magdeburg.

In 1992/93 the conversion to a sailing ship, a top sail schooner took place and the excellent sailing characteristics of the "Sir Robert" were shown, which could be proven by victories in many regattas.
The topsail schooner is named after the founder of the worldwide boy scout movement. The traditionally rigged Baltimore clipper impresses with its elegance.
Nimble maneuvers, robustness and excellent sailing characteristics: As a topsail schooner, the Tabaluga ship not only shows sailing elegance, but is also praised for its excellent maneuverability.

Baltimore Clipper
The Baltimore Clipper were developed for the American Revolutionary War. They were very fast and agile, so they were very suitable as blockade breakers. Characteristic of the sailing ships were the masts inclined sternly (up to 15 degrees mast drop), as well as the 1-2 square sails typical for top sail schooners.

From March 1993 to 1996 the Sir Robert was in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Since then, Karsten and Karin have been realizing their dream of sailing in the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Cape Verde Islands and the Canaries.
Now the sailing cruises take place in the Mediterranean from May to November. It goes to the Balearic Islands, Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, the Cote d `Azur, Corsica, Sardinia and Gulf of. Naples. This means that there is time to keep the lady in good shape for her guests in the winter months. Although we don't want to completely rule out the possibility that the two owners will again be drawn across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. You never know………

In addition, exclusive sailing cruises such as charters, incentives, seminars, day tours or short trips are made possible according to the guests' wishes. The transfer trips from Mallorca to the Cote D'Azur or from Sardinia to Mallorca are particularly suitable for sailing enthusiasts.

The Tabaluga ship
The "SIR ROBERT" is also known as the Tabaluga ship. In conjunction with Peter Maffay and his foundation of the same name, it has been used successfully for youth and children's trips for many years. On board the sailing ship, the children find new opportunities for development and learning.

History of the Tabaluga ship
The Sir Robert sails under the Tabaluga flag at regular intervals as a cooperation partner of the Peter Maffay Foundation. Traumatized and disadvantaged children and young people can experience adventure and nature on board and build their team spirit by learning to be on the water together and to trust each other. Peter Maffay founded the foundation in 2000. Since then he has been realizing projects for children and young people in Mallorca, Romania and Germany.

Therapeutic experiences on board a sailing ship

• Discover new things together in a team
• Experience a group atmosphere
• Experience trust
• Learn about seafaring duties
• Feeling boundaries and, above all, maintaining them
• Playful and natural learning
• Living in and with nature
• Use nature without destroying it

The sailing ship is very child-friendly and offers various family trips and special prices.

A sailing trip on the Sir Robert is also a huge adventure for your family. For example, while you are diving, reading, visiting the market, snorkeling or just relaxing, your children can go on an adventure trip. They will look for treasure, send a message in a bottle, receive tasks from the captain and jump off board into the water every now and then, provided they can swim safely. Your kids get variety, impulses and activities that they enjoy on board a sailing ship.

The children's program on the Sir Robert

• Children's diving and snorkeling
• Send message in a bottle
• Pirate treasure hunt
• Introduction to sailing ABC
• Ship knot course

New & innovative on board
Lithium - iron - phosphate batteries, which offer absolute peace in all cabins. No more generator noises and also significantly less exhaust fumes!

Since 2014, the Sir Robert Baden Powell has been the first ship in its class to have lithium iron phosphate batteries for general power supply. That means storing the electricity generated during the day when the generator is running and making it available for use at night.
For you, this means quiet, generator-free nights and restful sleep. During the day, the generator can be switched off between meals: Silent sailing as well as pure relaxation and recreation!
The owners are very proud of this system and the guests, who have already been able to use and enjoy this convenience, are delighted.

On deck of Sir Robert:

Everywhere on deck you will find benches and lockers with cushions, as well as comfortable, adjustable deck chairs. Furthermore, mattresses on the sundeck. Lots of space to relax, read, chat and chill out, so.
Of course, you can also enjoy your hours at sea on the Sir Robert Baden Powell in the jib network.

The Sir Robert is a registered SSI Scuba Schools International dive center.
Beginners are carefully introduced to the sport of diving under the guidance of trained diving instructors.
guided, while advanced players can develop their skills, for example at drop-offs. As a rule, guests book the weekly diving package, which includes 10 group dives, before the start of the trip. Night and single dives can of course be booked flexibly during the trip if required.

Diving equipment:

  • 2 Poppe compressors of 250 liters each
  • 18 aluminum tanks (INT connection)
  • lead
  • ABC equipment,
  • Jackets
  • Suits (shorty, 5 and 7 mm full suits)
  • Regulators
  • Lamps and charging station
  • 5.60 m Avon Adventure 85 hp dinghy
  • 4.oo m 48 hp dinghy

Under deck:

The Sir Robert is a sailing ship with only six cabins. For you that means: lots of space and few guests.
The ship's sockets are European standard. That means: hair dryer, razor or your various charging cables can be plugged in without any problems.
The cabins are checked daily and the towels are always changed once per trip. If necessary, you can rent beach towels on the ship.


  • 6 double cabins, all with shower / toilet and a double bed
  • Five of the six cabins are equipped with an additional single bed.
  • All cabins are spacious, equipped with portholes or hatches and additional ventilation.
  • Bed linen, bath towel, hand towel and floor towel
  • Daily check of the cabins
  • Shower towels are changed once per trip

The owners of the Sir Robert have been passionate about the sea for more than thirty years. As a homage to the weddings of the Baltimore Clipper, Karin and Karten have their six cabins after important ships from the 18th and 19th centuries. Century of maritime history named.


From morning coffee to early evening cocktails. Your cook will adapt the respective meals to the weather, the region and of course your wishes. Your day starts with fresh, tasty organic bread and international delicacies.
In the evening, a 3-course menu tailored to the region awaits you.

• Always freshly prepared
• Varied, international breakfast tables with home-baked organic bread
• Light lunch at noon
• 3-course menus in the evening, lovingly tailored to the region
• Coffee and cake in the afternoon
• Delicious cocktails for sundowners