What does queenie mean

The first name Queenie

How middle class is Queenie?

Almost every first name is represented in all social classes. This also applies to the name Queenie. The name is so rare in Germany that it is hardly possible to make valid statistical statements about it. The comparatively few observations that we have on the name indicate, however, that in recent years parents who could be assigned to the so-called "lower middle class" have chosen the first name Queenie very often. Measured by socio-economic indicators such as »education«, »income«, »independence from social transfers« and the »housing situation«, these families are slightly below the national average. In contrast, the name Queenie seems just as underrepresented in upscale, middle-class circles as it is in very simple milieus. This can also be seen from the SmartGenius Citizenship Index. For Queenie it is 85, which is below 100, which corresponds to the average for the population. Other maiden names, which are also used comparatively rarely in Germany and show a similar social prestige according to the middle class index, are for example Penelopé, Nazlican and Nathania. However, it is crucial that the reception of a name depends to a large extent on the respective cultural context: first names in particular, which are not very common in Germany, can be perceived very differently in other linguistic and cultural areas, be very widespread and have an extremely high reputation enjoy.