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If you are looking for a suitable recipe, you will definitely find it at Regardless of the occasion, whether it has to be quick or take longer, whether for professional chefs or beginners - with our search function everyone will find exactly what suits them.

But which recipes have achieved top marks over the years? Our Top 20 explains: Here you will find the best recipes in the individual categories - according to user rating. So these are your favorite top 20 recipes!

If you are not looking for a specific recipe, you can find inspiration in our hit list. Because you can trust these recipes - after all, they have often been tried and found to be good by users. And a good rating means that the particular recipe is proven in practice Has. It doesn't always have to be the finest of the finest - even simple things can inspire!

Of course, tastes are different and what means the highest culinary enjoyment for one is an absolute no-go for the other. But through the Variety of reviews However, such questions of taste usually balance each other out. Also pay attention to the comments, because valuable tips can also be found here. In addition, you should never hesitate to ask questions about the recipes. Because on hobby cooks like professional cooks cavort, so that there is a practical answer to every question.

With a Choice of over 300,000 recipes offers an enormous recipe database that leaves nothing to be desired. The forum and our magazine also offer helpful cooking tips and lots of additional information. If you are looking for inspiration, you will also find plenty of ideas in our blogs and groups. So just browse through the many recipes and let yourself be inspired - we hope you enjoy cooking and enjoy your meal!

Best recipes: Top 20 starters

The A starter is usually the beginning of a great meal and have a nice evening. Here are the 20 top-rated recipes for starters. However, we have left out duplications so that there are not several similar recipes in our top 20. So you can't go wrong with starters like these, after all, users have tried them out in practice and found them to be good. Let yourself be inspired and start deliciously in your menu. On the following pages you will find the top 20 main courses, desserts, vegetarian recipes and baking creations.

Best recipes: Top 20 main courses