Have you eaten alligator meat?

When you're in Florida, you expect to get a lot of fast food with your meal and think more of McDonald’s and burgers. But a lot more is offered in culinary terms if you just let yourself go. There is a lot of delicious freshly caught fish, sweet potatoes, dishes with pumpkin - which we only know from autumn and something more unusual like turtle soup or alligator meat.

We just wanted to try this alligator meat and sat down in a restaurant near the beach with a view of the sand and sea. First we ordered a couple of cool drinks and asked the nice waitress if alligator has a good taste. Because the idea of ​​eating this prehistoric animal initially led to a slight discomfort in the stomach area.

She assured us, however, that it was excellent meat and would taste something like chicken. Then nothing as ordered, the alligator would be brought fried and there would be a garlic dip. After a short time the meal came to our table.

The alligator meat was served in small pieces as finger food with the garlic dip. The first taste test showed that the waitress was telling the truth. The alligator tasted really very tender and the meat was also very light in color. The highlight of the menu was the garlic dip, which gave the whole thing a really tasty note. You should really dare to try alligator!