How is parliament and federal government the same

The National Council

A legislative period generally lasts five years. The tasks of the members of the National Council are varied and range from drafting and advising on draft laws and approving state treaties to monitoring the federal government. Public meetings of the National Council enable the 183 MPs to convey their views to the citizens. More

The Federal Council

The Federal Council is the regional chamber and represents the interests of the nine federal states in the legislative process. The number of members of the Bundesrat sent by the individual federal states depends on the population of the respective federal state: there are at least three, but no more than twelve members per federal state. More

The Federal Assembly

The Federal Assembly consists of the members of both chambers of the Austrian Parliament - 183 members of the National Council and 61 members of the Federal Council. It meets in the historic session room of the Parliament. Every six years the newly elected Federal President is sworn in before the Federal Assembly. More

Ceremonial and commemorative sessions of both chambers

Every year in May, the Memorial Day Against Violence and Racism takes place in the historic session room of the Parliament. The members of the National Council and the members of the Federal Council also come together here for special ceremonies and funeral rallies. These sessions are only accessible to the public to a very limited extent. More

State act "gesture of responsibility"

The President of the National Council, Doris Bures, and the President of the Federal Council, Mario Lindner, invited to a state ceremony in the historic meeting room in Parliament on November 17, 2016. With the official act, Austria wanted to express that it recognizes the unbelievable suffering of former home children who suffered serious injustice in the Second Republic and that it has learned from it. The republic thus complied with a longstanding demand of those affected. More