What are the fields in game development

Gaming as a major

What do the trainees learn at a "School of Games"?

The School of Games teaches game development with different emphases: Future game artists learn how to design virtual worlds, game programmers receive basic knowledge of classic computer science and game business experts study game management from production to marketing and sales.

How long does the education last?

The trainees can choose between two variants. Either they decide on a 24-month intensive course and receive a certificate for it, or they stay 36 months until they graduate as a media designer or IT specialist.

What do you have to bring with you, is it enough to be an avid gamer?

Many gamers dream of turning their hobby into a profession. A good game programmer, game artist or game business expert should of course have an affinity for games and digital applications.

Do game experts have good career opportunities in Germany?

The strong economic growth is spurring the consumption of games. Therefore the market in Germany is growing continuously. Qualified employees are wanted in almost all fields of the games industry. Graduates have a variety of career options.

And how can we imagine a game artist's working day?

Game artists conceive computer games and design the associated media. Advertising agencies and media service providers can also be considered as employers if they value web animation and 3D virtualization.

Where is the trend in game development?

Games are a key technology in digitization. They help new technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) achieve their breakthrough. But this is about more than playing around in virtual space. Gamification is spreading in our everyday life.

Interview: Kim Berg

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