The sexual enhancement pills for women may be effective

Pleasure-increasing drug for women: Flibanserin


Flibanserin is completely different from the men's product "Viagra". It does not have a direct effect on the body, but is intended to stimulate the psyche to increase pleasure. The target group is small and the side effects are considerable.

Flibanserin is called “Viagra for women”, but it is completely different from the men's product. It does not have a direct effect on the body, but is intended to stimulate the psyche to increase pleasure. The target group is small and the side effects are considerable.

There are many reasons why women rarely or never feel like having sex with their partner. A drug approved in the USA is said to help at least some of them. Flibanserin was originally intended as an antidepressant, a slightly pleasure-increasing effect was discovered by chance. How does the product, also known as "Pink Viagra", work and which women could benefit?

Some answers:

What is the target audience?
Flibanserin should only be used if mental reasons for discomfort such as exhaustion or stress and physical causes are excluded. In English there is the term "Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder" (HSDD). It was also only tested for pre-menopausal women.

How does Flibanserin work?
While Viagra directly triggers an erection when the man is in the mood for sex, Flibanserin is a psychotropic drug and is supposed to help women’s lust in the first place. The active ingredient increases the activity of the messenger substances dopamine and noradrenaline and lowers that of serotonin. In doing so, it influences the natural processes in the nervous system. Some women with a weak libido develop more desire for sex with the preparation, the available studies show. The pill has to be taken every day.

Do many women struggle with a lack of desire for sex?
The problem is probably fairly widespread. "You have to assume that 30 to 40 percent of women are affected," estimates Christian Albring, President of the Professional Association of Gynecologists. More often it affects women in long relationships. "There are a number of reasons why women no longer feel like having sex." These included stress, overwork, habit, and physical suffering.

Can flibanserin help all of these women?
No. "Only between 8 and 13 percent of women experienced an" improvement "at all - half a" sexually satisfying experience "more per month counted as an improvement," explains Jakob Pastötter, President of the German Society for Social Science Sex Research (DGSS). The real problems often cannot be solved with medication. "Many women will take it with great expectations and then notice: Nothing happens there."

The managing director of the German Society for Sexual Research (DGfS), Verena Klein, explains: "If sexuality does not go so well in a partnership, then it cannot be reduced to the biology of the partner."

Does the preparation have any side effects?
Yes, and not too short. Side effects listed include dizziness, tiredness, nausea, sleep disorders and dry mouth, and there are interactions with simultaneous consumption of alcohol and hormonal contraceptives. The interactions with other psychoactive substances have not yet been investigated, says the sexologist Pastötter.

What happens if you take psychiatric drugs like Addyi for a long time and then stop?
"If you are unlucky, there are withdrawal symptoms: inner restlessness, insomnia - and your sexual desire may slide into the basement," explains Pastötter.

Will there soon be Flibanserin in Germany too?
The German approval authority, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), has not yet received an application, it said on Wednesday. There was also no application to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). “It won't be long before the substance comes to Europe,” says pharmacist Prof. Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz from the University of Frankfurt.

What social aspects do experts see?
"Pink Viagra increases the pressure on women - especially the internal pressure: I have to work again," says Pastötter. "And again, when it comes to lived sexuality or having fun in sex, responsibility is assigned to women and not to the relationship as a whole or to the man."

The psychologist Verena Klein from the Institute for Sex Research at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf fears that with Addyi, the sexuality of women will move into the area of ​​illness. "It is pretended that there is a deficit in women that can be remedied by a drug," says the manager of the German Society for Sexual Research (DGfS).

TV sex expert Ann-Marlene Henning (“Make Love”, ZDF) also criticizes the fact that the pharmaceutical industry gives women with a low libido a clinical picture. Already now there is often a lot of pressure on couples. "I can't say how stupid I think this product is."

Source: dpa

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