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5 hotel websites that inspire travelers to book

Many hotels don't attract enough guests for one very simple reason: their hotel websites are badly designed. Small bed & breakfasts or elegant boutique hotels, few seem to have really mastered the art of creating an attractive hotel website - which is a shame, as it is the most important part of your direct booking channel.

However, there are some hotels that have discovered the secret and know how to create an engaging hotel website that will get travelers to book. So that you can improve the appearance and functions of your own website, we are going to introduce you to the five fundamental elements of web design as well as the hotel websites that have successfully implemented these elements. Find out how these websites manage to get travelers to book rather than scare them away.

An effective carousel of images: Hotel Cap Rocat

Get noticed with high quality images that will take travelers' breath away. Of all the hotel websites we're going to introduce you to here, Cap Rocat has perhaps the most stunning digital appearance.

As soon as you land on the hotel's homepage, you will be under the spell of the impressive and high-quality Image carousels drawn, which puts the impressive entrance hall and the luxurious furnishings in the limelight. And while this hotel is particularly photogenic, quality images are affordable to purchase regardless of hotel style.

Use images cleverly to encourage travelers to stay on your website. Post only the best shots and make sure they are the optimal size for your site so you can attract even more full paying guests.

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Conspicuous text overlays: The Palladio

Consider promoting direct booking on your homepage. The website of the hotel The Palladio combines an attractive digital appearance with an intelligent direct booking display that gets to the point:Book on the official hotel website.

This type of advertising is clever, visually attractive, and intuitive. It is also reinforced by the tempting picture gallery of the hotel and the clean and organized structure of the website. Relevant menu options (here in English Book Now, Rooms, Amenities, Hotel Media Gallery, Location, etc.) are also clearly visible on the homepage - scrolling or clicking around is not necessary. The message of the overlay itself is minimal and compelling. Every element - images, message and layout - is mutually supportive, and as a result, travelers are convinced of the benefits of booking directly.

Most websites allow you to use certain design templates that have these functions. Try them out to see what your direct booking text overlays would look like, but avoid looking overly sales-heavy. Instead, show travelers the benefits of booking directly with you.

Emotional lyrics: The Langham

Use attractive descriptions to appeal to travelers emotionally. The Langham Hotel knows how to use words - and that boosts the hotel business. Rather than mentioning the obvious, The Langham focuses on creating emotive text that also provides valuable information to the potential guest. This method of hotel web design ensures that travelers can imagine staying at this hotel. They are more inclined to click through the pages, explore the website and ultimately book rather than leave the website.

Even if the texts should stand out from the beautiful hotel pictures, it is important that they do not distract from the pictures. At The Langham, it almost seems like the words jump out of the page and into the minds of travelers. Make your hotel website trigger the same sensation. Add a few lines of color in a modern, reader-friendly font that blends in with other visual elements.

An intuitive overview that reflects the wishes of travelers: Casa do Outeiro Tuias

Take a closer look at your web design layout and go for simple sophistication. Casa do Outeiro Tuias is luxury that you can afford. The independently run Bed & Breakfast with five rooms impresses with its simple sophistication. It offers an excellent guest experience and lets the stunning baroque design speak for itself.

The web design of the hotel conveys something similar. The homepage only contains the information that potential guests want to see. The structure is clean and refined. The texts to be found are short and concise, the carousel of images is attractive and the change of images is well timed. In just a few seconds, travelers knowwhy you want to book and how you can do it.

Picture galleries that encourage you to book: Hotel West End

Showcase your room by dedicating a separate area to each type. Many hotels do not give their individual room types the attention they deserve on the website. That is a big mistake. Every room is unique and travelers want to look at all of the options to make an informed decision. Travelers who know EXACTLY what to expect feel much more comfortable with their booking decision. It is really very simple.

Hotel West End understands this more than most hotels. Instead of a general photo gallery in which everything - from door handles to corridors - is shown, the operators of the hotel use wide-angle photos of every room type. These are then shown together with the respective room sizes and prices. This intuitive web design layout lets travelers know exactly the details they are looking for and avoids having to go through the page afterwards, as everything is in one place.

Did you notice a trend among these hotel websites?

Each of the hotel websites mentioned above share a very similar web design structure. You focus onlarge, high-quality images, beneficial booking overlays, attractive descriptions, a simple layout and page areas in which only information about each room type is displayed.

When you incorporate these elements into your hotel website, you create a direct booking channel that can help you lower your bounce rate and increase your bookings.

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An earlier version of this article was published in June 2017.

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